Lisa Mills of, blogging for people who want to work from homeWelcome to Heart My Life, where we are committed to helping you build the life of your dreams! My name is Lisa Mills and I’ve been working from home for the last 20 years. I love having the freedom to be my own boss, set my own schedule, and determine which project I want to work on. (And having more than 10 vacation days a year is awesome too.)

If you’ve been wanting to escape the corporate grind, you’re in the right place! This site is all about helping you leave the 9 to 5 behind and join the growing number of people who have found their dream life working from home.

Thanks to modern technology you have dozens of work-from-home careers to choose from, including blogging, writing, design, virtual assisting, affiliate marketing, crafting, coaching, teaching, and so many more avenues you could pursue. People are making full-time incomes in all of these fields. I’d love to help you become one of them.

I know it’s possible to work from home and contribute to your family’s income. Check out this article about my recent experiment with affiliate marketing. I was able to earn $90.00 in one week with just one simple pin…no blog, no website.

Another important stop on the tour is the Free Resources page, where I link to courses and downloads and freebies you can access and benefit from right away. Sign up for my mailing list and grab the free printable to do list that’s so pretty it will make you WANT to plan!

Have fun exploring and let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!


Heart My Life Blog with Lisa Mills

Free Resources

Stop by the Free Resources page, where I link to courses and downloads and freebies you can access and benefit from right away.

Heart My Life Blog with Lisa Mills

Blogging Toolkit

Thinking about blogging? You’ll want to investigate the tools of the trade and the latest in technology that will make your job easier and more productive.

Heart My Life Blog with Lisa Mills

Planners & Printables

Need help getting organized? I have just the thing! Heart My Life printables and planners make it fun to organize your schedule and your life.


One of my favorite parts of developing a blog or website is choosing a theme! I think I love it because it feels so much like decorating a house, and who doesn’t find that incredibly fun?! You get to choose a new layout for each room, decide what colors to put on the walls, find the perfect place for all your sassy Ikea purchases… Everything is so fresh and new and beautiful when you’re done.

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For months (even before I started actually working on this blog setup and preparation) I debated whether or not I wanted to do income reports. I love reading other people’s reports, but I kept asking myself was it something I wanted to incorporate into my blog and schedule?

After much deliberation I’ve decided that the reports are a great way to track my progress, and they will keep me motivated and on task if I have to tell you about my successes and failures.

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If you’ve read some of my other posts here at Heart My Life, you know I’m a big fan of Pinterest as a marketing tool for almost any online business.

Pinterest is more than just a social media platform. It’s a search engine—and a visual search engine at that! There’s something about looking at pictures that appeals to the kid in all of us, right? Pinterest is a grown-up picture book. Plus it’s fun to “save”

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As an online entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for resources that will help me take my game to the next level. Let’s be real, most of us do this online business gig because we enjoy it, but also because we want to make an income working from home, right? To do that we need to keep growing and learning and refining our process. I recently found a resource that deserves a shout-out because it’s….well,

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While I was/am building up my newest blogging business, I wanted a way to earn some extra income in a way that would mesh with my lifestyle and not take too much time away from my primary focus and pursuits, which is blogging and writing books. I had no idea how to go about developing a low-maintenance income stream, so I put the question out there in the universe and pretty soon answers came my way.

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When I started my first blog I had already become a Pinterest enthusiast. I was pinning everything from recipes to gardening tips, makeup techniques and cute fashions I wanted to try. When I started my business selling crocheted purses and the patterns to make them, I knew I wanted to showcase them on Pinterest. That turned out to be a great plan. Pinterest quickly drove more traffic to my site than any other social media network.

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