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Why Pinterest Is The Heart of My Marketing Strategy

Why Pinterest should be the heart of your marketing strategy

When I started my first blog I had already become a Pinterest enthusiast. I was pinning everything from recipes to gardening tips, makeup techniques and cute fashions I wanted to try. When I started my business selling crocheted purses and the patterns to make them, I knew I wanted to showcase them on Pinterest. That turned out to be a great plan. Pinterest quickly drove more traffic to my site than any other social media network. Pinterest continues to generate sales for me on Etsy and my crochet site, and builds my mailing list daily.

The amazing thing is that even during times when I’ve stopped pinning, I continue to get traffic and sales from the Pinterest platform! Almost no other social media platform can produce these effects. Post on Facebook and your post disappears in the feed within a few days.

The same goes for Instagram, and you’re only allowed that one link in your profile, so it’s harder for people to find your store or site. With Twitter, your Tweet might be seen for all of 10 minutes in a busy feed and then it’s too far gone to find unless someone finds you by a hashtag. But Pinterest…

A Visual Search Engine

Pinterest isn’t like most other social media platforms. In fact, I’m not sure I’d classify it as social media. When you stand back and examine Pinterest’s properties, you find that Pinterest has more in common with a search engine. If you’re like me, I get on Pinterest all the time and use the search feature to find recipes, or decorating ideas. I search for business advice and answers to pet problems. Honestly, with a few search terms, you can find just about any information you need on Pinterest. That makes it an amazing platform for online entrepreneurs like myself. But there’s more!

Unlike Google or other search engines, Pinterest allows Pinners to include a vibrant picture with each Pin, making it a visual search engine. We’ve loved looking at pictures since we were kids, right? Pinterest feeds that love of all things visual in us and allows marketers to appeal to the visual tastes of the people who are on Pinterest.

Foodies and chefs can post meal photos. Crafters can post shots of their latest projects and patterns. Business people can serve up graphs and charts and info-graphics. Like with television commercials and billboards, those advertising products or services can target their demographic and serve them with images that appeal to their wants and needs.

Pins Live Forever

Another awesome feature of Pinterest is the longevity of Pins. Pins stay forever and are often still effective years later, unlike other social media streams that are lost within 24 hours, or 24 minutes, or 24 seconds (Yes, Twitter, I’m talking about you here.)

While posts on other social media platforms usually disappear from the public eye within a week, Pins stay on people’s boards forever. They pop up in searches. People continue to find them for years and re-pin, over and over.

Pinterest serves up Pins to people when their searches indicate they might be interested in certain subjects, creating more interest and traffic. Pins never die! Until you remove a Pin and delete it from existence, it’s there being relevant to anyone who is looking for that information or topic. One pin can advertise for you for years!

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Learning to use Pinterest like a pro can skyrocket your traffic and sales and help you achieve your financial goals and dreams. I firmly believe that every person deserves to “Heart” their life! For introverts and entrepreneurs, that means working from home and still earning enough to pay the bills, enjoy evenings out with friends once in a while, and take a nice vacation once a year. It’s very possible! You just have to find the right strategy.

Consistency is Key

One key to Pinterest success is to be consistent, pinning your Pins and other people’s Pins too. Pinterest loves an active user who is online pinning regularly. They also favor people who Pin not just their own information, but other people’s as well. Pinning about 80% other people’s pins and 20% of your own seems to be a good balance to create good Pinterest Karma. If you can Pin a minimum of 50 – 100 times a day, you start to find the sweet spot in your business, and traffic begins to magnify.

Oops! Did I just blow your mind? You’re thinking, there is no way I have time to Pin 100 pins a day! (Here’s secret…neither do I.) Luckily, there are tools out there that make it much easier for busy entrepreneurs like you and I to get our Pins in front of the public eye. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins then the service Pins them to your boards throughout the week.

You just need to invest an hour or so setting the schedule and the rest is automated.

Here’s more info on the services that I consider must-haves for an effective Pinning strategy.

Tailwind – free trial

The Tailwindapp is a Pinterest scheduling tool that seriously rocks with extra awesome sauce! The scheduling tools in the app make is so easy to set up a pinning schedule that will keep traffic flowing to your site day and night. The great thing is that because this tool is so handy, you will only have to spend maybe an hour a week setting up your pin schedule. That’s a huge time saver! Work smart, not hard, right?

One of the unbeatable features of Tailwind is the Tailwind Tribes. You can find groups of like-minded bloggers and all work together to give one another’s pins more exposure by pinning one another’s posts. By working with a group, you can reach a much broader audience and increase your traffic and sales.

Tailwind is offering a 30-day free trial to anyone who would like to check out their services. You don’t even have to enter a credit card to get started. Use the service for 30 days, pin up to 100 pins, and check out the tribes. If you like it and want to sign up for a plan, they are also offering a $15.00 discount. You can beat that!

Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!


The more people who see your pins, the more chance you’ll drive traffic to your site and sales to your bank account. One way to get your pins in front of more people is to join group boards. These are Pinterest boards that multiple people pin to, and some of them have hundreds of thousands of followers. Talk about expanding your audience fast! PinGroupie is a tool that can help you find some group boards that you might like to join.

Once you find a board that fits your niche, go to that board page and read the description. Instructions for how to request an invite are usually in that area. Typically you are asked to follow the board, follow the leader of the board (click on the profile image of the first person beside the description) and send an email or leave a comment asking to join. Not all group boards are open for new contributors, and not all board leaders respond to your requests, but you will get invites from about 50% of the boards you approach.

Pinterest Ninja

If you learn to Pin consistently and effectively, your pins and affiliate pins will earn you money almost on autopilot. If you feel like you need a tutorial on how to pin effectively, check out Pinterest Ninja. Megan Johnson took her blogging business from zero to earning $10K a month in about 18 months. She now gets massive numbers of visitors a month to her site from her pinning strategies. Megan really is a ninja! She shares all her secrets and strategies in her Pinterest Ninja course, which is one of the most affordable Pinterest tutorials out there, and one of the best in my opinion. I’ve benefited greatly from using her strategies!

I appreciate that she’s a blogger like me and understands my needs. She also updates the course as she learns new tips or as Pinterest makes changes to their rules or algorithms so buy it once and benefit for a long, long time!

Making Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can make money with Pinterest if you’re willing to help other people promote their products and services. Affiliate marketing is like matchmaking. You find products that are amazing and introduce them to people who need them. I do a lot of affiliate marketing, sharing information about products that I have used and loved.

Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

I started learning the ropes of affiliate marketing when I found this book online:

>>> Make your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours <<<

Elise McDowell, the author, breaks down the process of affiliate marketing step-by-step and helps you develop your affiliate marketing strategy. She even offers her customers the opportunity to be affiliates for her products. I learned so much from her and am truly grateful that I stumbled on her book. Within a week of beginning affiliate pinning, I made $90.00 using her methods! That was before I had this website up and running, so I know it’s possible to make money pinning without being a blogger. You can read more on that in this article.

Learn how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours with this amazing ebook.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

As my desire to expand grew, I found an online course that I knew would be instrumental in aiding my success as an online entrepreneur. If you’re looking for a comprehensive A – Z program that teaches the art of making money online with affiliate marketing with Pinterest as a large part of your marketing strategy, I can highly recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount and quality of the information in Michelle’s course. Over 50 lessons teaching you all her secrets to making money online. Michelle, by the way, makes over $100,000 every month with her affiliate marketing techniques and much of her business runs on autopilot while she and her husband travel the country in an RV and enjoy their lives. She’s my hero and a great inspiration for people who want to love life and live it to the fullest.

You know, work doesn’t have to be hard! Making money can be easy if you let it. You can have fun and enjoy your career. You don’t have to stay trapped in your unpleasant 9 to 5 or remain victim to financial hardships. Start a side hustle using Pinterest as a vehicle to help you make money. Grow your side hustle and use the income to pay off debts or save up so you can quit your job. It’s possible, and it starts with a plan.

So what is your plan to create the life of your dreams and when are you getting started?

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Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that can be harnessed and utilized to grow an online business and earn a full-time profit. Learn how with some simple tips.
Learn to use the most powerful marketing platform available to build and grow your online business. Pinterest should be a major part of every online business person's marketing strategy.

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