What if I told you your blog could be profitable by the end of the month?

Give me 48 hours and I can teach you how to set up an easy sales system that earns income 24/7. Sound good?

Does this sound familiar?

You've been blogging for a while, but the income just isn't coming in like you expected. Maybe you're barely covering expenses. You need your blog to turn a profit, and you're secretly feeling a little desperate and worried you're going to fail at this blogging gig.

I've been there and it sucks! What you need is a way to earn steady income without spending more time, because everyone knows you don't have more to give. But the prospect of trying to figure out how to set up an automated sales system is daunting!

Don’t feel like you have to put together the big fancy product to make your blog profitable. Actually, it’s best to start with simpler products and systems.

If you have a couple of hours, you can put together a small product that offers incredible value to your audience. You can help them take one beautiful step.

Once you see how easy this is, you’re going to be addicted to setting up tripwires and simple sales systems. And your bottom line with thank you!

What if you could...

. . . ask someone to show you how to take that first step. Look over their shoulder while they set up a sales funnel, showing you all the shortcuts and tricks. Ask advice about how to create a simple digital product. See how they promote the product.

Once you see it done and follow along in the process, you realize it’s easier than you thought it would be. You start to believe you can actually do this!

You get your system set up and launch your first product. That first sale feels like a million bucks! Then you get another and another, and the money you need starts to come in on autopilot—no extra work required.

It totally makes you feel like a BOSS!


Tripwire sales in 48 hours

Your online business should be earning you money 24/7! And it will when you have the systems in place in the background that promote and sell your products for you ALL DAY LONG.

Tripwire Sales in 48 Hours

Here's what you'll get

  • A system to brainstorm and develop your opt-in and tripwire for maximum impact
  • Suggestions and training in the software you can use to produce your products
  • Step-by-step videos and trainings showing you how to set up your system
  • Tips on how to promote your funnel effectively
  • Workbooks, idea lists, and examples that will WOW you
  • The ability to ask questions and brainstorm with me and fellow students
  • Tons of resources and tips that will shortcut your learning curve and get you earning fast!

You'll get

A course workbook that helps you brainstrorm your way through the workflow to create a tripwire sales sequence with maximum impact.

And also this

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your system including screen-share videos that allow you to watch over my shoulder as I set up a tripwire sequence.

And finally

Tips and techniques you can use to promote your sequence and additional steps you can take to help you get the most mileage out of your work.

Are you ready for your blog to earn the income you desperately need ... on autopilot?

Enroll now and get immediate access to the lessons. You can be earning by the end of the week!

This is for you if...

  • You need a way to get some money coming in on your blog!
  • You like helping people and you're willing to put together resources and simple digital products that they will love.
  • You simply have to find a way to earn income without investing too much more time, because you're already maxed out.

This is not for you if...

  • You're already making unbelievable amounts of money with your blog and you don't need more.
  • You have no interest in selling digital products because you have another clever income plan for your blog.
  • You think it's sinful to set up systems that make money on autopilot so you can enjoy margaritas on the beach.

So what exactly is a tripwire?

We understand the business of blogging. Let us help you grow into your online business.

“Tripwire” is fancy term for a small digital product offer that is presented to someone after they subscribe to your email list.

After someone requests your freebie or opt-in, they’re given a no-pressure sales pitch and offered a simple but valuable product that will help them take the next step in their journey.

This product is low-cost (usually under $20) making it easy for your new customer to say YES! And it’s great for you because once the system is set up, it runs on autopilot in the background, earning you money day and night. No extra work!

Consider this…

Imagine if you made just one sale a day at $7. That would be $210 a month you could add to your income—for no extra effort on your part!

Now what if you set up 5 – 10 of these tripwires and made five sales a day? Or ten? You could quickly earn a full-time income from this easy sales funnel!

If you have 48 hours to fully dedicate to setting up this system, you can have your first tripwire in place two days from now and start earning.

Lisa Mills, founder and CEO of Heart My Life

Hey, nice to meet ya!

My name is Lisa Mills and I’m a wife and mom who’s openly vocal about her addiction to online business.

I’ve worked from home for most of the past 20 years so I could be available to my kids and family … plus, that type of work appealed to my introvert, homebody nature.

I figured out how to balance a home business, kids, and life, and make money doing it. I’m here to help you develop a your work-from-home lifestyle too! Let’s get started today!

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You’ve got this! And I’ll be right there every step of the way to be sure you succeed.

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