Blogging Toolkit

As a writer, blogger, and small-business owner, I use a variety of software programs and tools nearly every day to help my blogging business run smoothly. I guess you could call them my blogging toolkit. I want to help you be more productive and succeed in your efforts so I’m happy to share my favorite blogging tools and resources with you.

If you have questions or are looking for a particular resource, please contact me. I will help you find what you need and we can both benefit from it! 🙂

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{This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure for details.}

Swagbucks ~ I do about a zillion searches a day in the course of my work, and I love getting paid for it! Did you know Swagbucks pays you to use their search engine? They reward you with Swagbucks which you can redeem for gift cards. I make around $5.00 a month this way. Not much, but every little bit helps!

Host For Web ~ I love my website host! The customer service is wonderful and the platform is so easy to use. Plus they are the most reasonably priced host I’ve found.

Boss Lady Theme ~ I have been admiring the Boss Lady theme from A Prettier Web for a long time. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to use it! I’m still tweaking the graphics and design, but so far it’s a great theme for me.

BluChic Landing Pages ~ I have used other services for landing pages, however, they were expensive and elaborate, with a lot of learning curve. I recently started using BluChic Landing Pages and I find them to be an affordable and amazingly beautiful option!

Sendowl ~ If you intend to create ebooks or digital download to sell on your website, you need a payment and delivery service to help you facilitate your sales. Sendowl does an amazing job of making online sales easy! And better yet, you can set up your own affiliate program and solicit the help of your fans and followers to help you sell your product, giving you another stream of income.

Crowdfire ~ I recently decided to sign up for Crowdfire because I needed scheduling and coordinating help across so many platforms, and Crowdfire serves them all. I’ve connected three blogs, multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, two YouTube channels, two Etsy shops, Pinterest, and numerous RSS feeds. I can draw from and post to them all with incredible ease. Crowdfire also helps me find new people to follow on Twitter and Instagram (and follow back) making it easier to manage my accounts. This app is saving me SOOOOO much time!

Hootsuite ~ Before Crowdfire I used Hootsuite to spread my message on social media channels for years. This scheduler allowed me to plan my Tweets and FB posts ahead of time and input them into a schedule to come out at just the right time. Their free program allows up to three accounts.

Tailwind ~ As a busy blogger, I have to save time wherever I can. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows me to schedule my Pinterest marketing in under an hour a week. And it offers networking opportunities as well. You can’t beat Tailwind’s Tribes feature when it comes to finding quality pins to post on your boards. And having tribe-mates to help you promote your pins is amazing. Collaboration is the best! I use Tailwind to share my pins with my Tribe and find other people’s pins to share on my boards so you always see great content coming through my Pinterest feed.

AppSumo ~ Whenever I need an app or service, I check at AppSumo first. They offer AMAZING prices and deals on lifetime access or one-year access at the price of a one month subscription. I have saved hundreds of dollars by using their service! The trick is to catch the deal while it’s available. Sign up and get email updates so you never miss an amazing deal.

Mangools Keyword Finder ~ If you want to get noticed in search engines, you need great keywords and SEO on your posts, images, pins, and social media hashtags. This Keyword Finder tool helps me pick the best ones every time.

MailerLite ~ Building a mailing and staying in touch with your followers is key to building a profitable business. I use MailerLite to help me coordinate my mailings and I’ve been incredibly happy with their service!

Etsy ~ I sell my planners and printables on Etsy because I love how they handle the taxes, VAT, and payment for me. Plus they provide sellers with a beautiful storefront and easy interface.

Photoshop ~ As a person who’s worked in graphic design for a long time, I can’t live without Photoshop. It’s a must have. I use it every day to design planners, adjust images, create graphics, etc.

AdobeStock ~ If you’re looking for great quality stock photos, you can’t beat AdobeStock’s selection and quality. I have been using their photos for several years and can’t say enough about how impressed I am.

Scrivener ~ I use a writing program called Scrivener to store my ideas, write my posts, develop my opt-ins and products, and just all around keep me organized. I loved using it to write novels, and when I started using it to organize my blogs, I was even more of a fan!

Planners & Printables ~ I could not stay organized and on top of my job if I did not have a great system of planners and printables to use for setting goals, tracking progress, and keeping track of the details.

Courses I Recommend

I didn’t come by my knowledge of blogging, monetizing, and affiliate marketing all by myself. I’ve had some great mentors and fabulous info through courses I’ve taken. Here is a list of the online courses that have helped me tremendously:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ~ This online course is packed full of information, with over 50 modules that cover everything you need to know to make money online. The creator, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner makes over 100K every month. She knows her stuff…and you can too!

How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours ~ This incredibly affordable ebook was the inspiration for a recent affiliate marketing experiment that I undertook. The result? I made $90 the first week on just one affiliate program with one pin. I highly recommend this book! Worth every penny and then some.

Pinterest Ninja ~ If you’re looking for advice on how to build your blog traffic, check out Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson. She is a marketing expert! Her ebook is full of information, resources, videos, and so much more to help you get the traffic and exposure you need to make a success of your online business.

10 Day Blogging Quickstart ~ Thinking about starting a blog? This free email course give you a great introduction to blogging and gets you started on the right foot. It’s one of the first blogging courses I took and I highly recommend it.

Building a Framework ~ This course includes 9 power-packed modules that guide you through setting up your website, creating amazing content, growing your traffic and social media presence, and earning money from your site. And the price is incredibly reasonable for all the value!

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