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How To Start A Pinterest Group Board

How to start your own Pinterest group board.

My favorite part of working from home is the ability to connect with other bloggers, network, make friends, and help one another out. One of the ways I collaborate with my fellow bloggers is through the use of a Pinterest Group Board strategy.

What Is a Pinterest Group Board?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what a Pinterest Group Board is, let me explain. A group board is a board on Pinterest that multiple people add pins to. They also (if they are doing it right) share one another’s pins from the group board to other places on Pinterest. This helps everyone market their pins to a larger audience.

How To Identify Pinterest Group Boards

You can identify a group board on Pinterest in a couple different ways. If you’re looking at a board cover, you’ll notice the little circle icon in the bottom left corner that has a few profile images inside. That earmarks it as a group board. If you are looking at the board itself, you notice there are numerous profile pics at the top of the page by the description rather than just one. The very first picture is the group board owner. The rest are collaborators who have been added to the group.

Sample of a Pinterest group board with multiple contributors

Why Join Pinterest Group Boards?

So some of you are asking, “Why would I want to join a group board?” The answer is, massive marketing exposure. When I first started pinning for Heart My Life, my Pinterest account was brand new and I only had 25 followers. 25 followers on any other social media platform would be a pittance. However, I had joined a handful of group boards on Pinterest. They were the secret sauce to my newbie marketing strategy!

I began pinning to my group boards and some of my pins immediately went viral. They received thousand of re-pins and clicks almost overnight. I began earning money from those pins almost immediately, and I was getting 300 visitors a day to my brand new blog. I was jazzed!

Want some tips on how to get request to join Pinterest group boards and get accepted every time? Read my article How To Join Pinterest Group Boards here.

Finding Group Boards to Join

Of course it helps to join the right boards that appeal to your specific audience! You want to find group boards that cater to your niche and focus on topics that you frequently pin. If you want to join some group boards, grab my free spreadsheet that links to 120 group boards. It covers boards in 12 different niches that are accepting contributors to help you get started. Use the form below to request a copy.

How to create your own Pinterest Group Board and enjoy the power of group marketing.
Start your own Pinterest group board! Learn how here!
Want to start a Pinterest group board? Here's how you do it!

Grab My Spreadsheet With 100+ Pinterest Group Boards

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Start Your Own Pinterest Group Board

In addition to joining group boards that other people have started, you can also create one or more of your own! It’s incredibly easy to do. Just go to a board that you want to turn into a group board (or set up a new board if you want to start fresh.) Click on the little editing “pencil” on the board, which takes you to the editing panel. You’ll see a field that says “Collaborators” with a box to add a name or email followed by a button that says “Invite.” It looks like this:

Collaborating with other Pinners on Pinterest Group Boards - how to add a collaborator

To turn that board into a group board, all you have to do is invite some people to pin with you. Pinterest will send an invitation to their Pinterest inbox.

They will find your invitation by clicking on the notifications icon, then on Inbox. They should see an invitation with two buttons—Accept or Ignore. Once they accept your invitation, they join the group board and can begin pinning immediately!

How to accept a Pinterest group board invitation

Finding Contributors for your Pinterest Group Board

So how do you find people who want to pin with you? One of the best ways is to join some Facebook groups that coordinate bloggers and help them find others who are blogging in their niche.

Pinterest Group Boards is my favorite FB group for finding Pinterest group boards to join and finding other Pinners to join my boards. Anyone with a group board is welcome to share information about the board and invite contributors to contact them.

Post a notice about your group board with some information on the topics you cover and any rules you’ve set up for the board. Add some info about how you want to be contacted and a link to the board so they can check it out. Before long you’ll be getting requests from people who’d like to join you!

Most group board owners also add a line or two to their board description, letting visitors to the board know that the board is open for contributors, and giving information for how you want to be contacted. For my group boards, I’ve set up a Typeform survey, asking for the information I need to add people to my board and I link to that form in my board description. The Typeform has been a great time saver for me, and helps me stay organized.

Policing Your Group Board

As the group owner, you’ll be taking on the responsibility of monitoring your board and making sure your collaborators stay on topic.

It helps to be clear from the start about what you expect from them. Set up a few rules and add them to your board description, like:

  • how many pins you allow per day/per collaborator
  • how many re-pins you’d like them to share from the board
  • what content is not allowed (ie. No nudity, etc.)

Hopefully, your collaborators will be respectful and cooperative and follow your rules so your board stays on topic.

If they break rules, you may have to contact them and ask them to stay on task. If they continue to post garbage to your board, you can remove collaborators by going to your edit panel and clicking “Remove” by their name. You may also want to contact them and let them know why they were removed—or not. Some owners have a zero tolerance policy and will remove you immediately without warning.

As the group board owner you get to decide how things run in your Pinterest world. 🙂

You can see how easy it is to create a Pinterest group board and start collaborating with your fellow bloggers and online business buddies! So what are you waiting for? Buzz on over to Pinterest and set up your first group board today!

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Want to start a Pinterest group board? Here's how you do it!
How to start a Pinterest group board

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