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Here's what you'll get in these free trainings:

  • FREE access to my Ready, Set, Blog! Videos that walk you step by step through the process of setting up a blog. Easy screen share watch and do format!
  • Downloads to help you get your blogging organized and stay organized.
  • Insider information about what plugins and widgets the pros are using.
  • Common questions about blogging answered like:
    ~ How much does blogging cost?
    ~ How much time will blogging take?
    ~ How do blogger's make money?
    ~ How much money will I make?
  • Sample schedules to use your blogging time most effectively.
  • Resource tips and suggestions based on 20 years blogging experience.
  • And much, much more!!!
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Why am giving away all these resources for free? Here’s why…

I wish I’d had someone who took me by the hand 20 years ago and helped me build my online business. I made so many mistakes, suffered through frustration trying to figure things out, and wasted time and money because I didn’t have anyone to advise me or show me the way.

And I felt sooooo alone. No one else I knew was working online. I struggled for years and learned the hard way far too many times. I managed to get through it, and have learned so much along the way. If I can, I’d love to help people who are at the start of their journey to launch their blogs and businesses on the right foot and avoid many of the mistakes I made.

Nowadays, I “heart” my life and I want to help others who share my goals and dreams of working from home full-time and enjoying life to the full! If that’s you, use the form above and sign up for this resource bundle I’ve assembled. I hope to see you there!

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