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Are You Practicing Success? Daily Habits Create Big Wins for Entrepreneurs

Are you practicing success or practicing failure?

Practice something long enough and you’ll get good at it. We all understand this concept when it comes to sports or playing the piano. Practice, and your skills will improve.

But have you ever considered that this concept applies to other less tangible areas of your life? Do you know someone who always follows through on their commitments? Do you know someone who’s almost guaranteed to flake out? Practice.

How about that friend who’s always on time? What about the one who’s always running late? Practice.

Do you know someone who’s incredibly disciplined in their eating habits? And the one who starts and quits a diet every other week? Practice.

Practice doesn’t just apply to the achievements and the good habits in your life. It also applies to the shortcomings and failures. If you practice giving up, quitting, flaking out on yourself, being inconsistent, and not showing up for your goals, you’ll get really good at those things.

If you practice giving up, flaking out, and quitting on yourself, you'll get really good at it. Why not practice following through? Click To Tweet

Kinda slaps you in the face, doesn’t it? Harsh, but it’s the truth. I’ve been guilty of practicing bad habits that lead me to fail at my goals then I’ve sat wallowing in my misery and wondering why everyone else could accomplish what I could not.


They were practicing showing up every day. They were practicing setting small goals and following through on them. They practiced working through the difficult patches until they found their way to easier ground. They practiced being consistent. They practiced finding ways to make it work. They practiced being successful and got really good at it.

Talent has very little to do with success. Talent plays a role, but a talented person who is inconsistent and uncommitted will never surpass a person of mediocre skills who shows up every day with a consistent work ethic. Big successes are built in small steps. The truth is so simple it’s almost hard to believe.

Big successes are built in small steps. Consistency is your biggest ally in achieving goals. Click To Tweet

We tell ourselves that big success requires big effort and monumental leaps and bounds. This gives us an excuse to avoid doing the big work because:

We don’t have enough time.
We don’t have enough money.
We don’t have enough energy.
We don’t have enough freedom.
We don’t have enough _________.

Fill in the blank with your favorite excuse. Maybe later circumstances will be more ideal to do the “big” work.

The truth is five small steps every day will take you farther down the road than one big leap a week. Much farther.

So the next time you find yourself making excuses about why you can’t work on that goal you’ve been dreaming of, sit down and find five little steps that will take you closer to the finish line and get them done. Then make a plan to do five more tomorrow and the next day. Practice following through.

Practice being consistently successful at small goals and you’ll be winning at life before you know it! You can do it! I know you can.

Now go practice being amazing!

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Success doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's much easier than you think. Success is built one habit at a time. Daily routines will help entrepreneurs develop the life and career they've been dreaming about.
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