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The Pinterest Scheduling Tool That Increased My Profits

How scheduling social media posts can increase your profits.

Every career utilizes tools that are critical to the success of that career. The carpenter needs his hammer. The landscaper uses a shovel and pruning shearers. The mechanic has his toolbox full of wrenches. Even the desk jockey has a toolkit of software and spreadsheets.

As a blogger, I have a set of tools that are critical to my success. Because Pinterest is a huge part of my marketing strategy for this blog, I have to make sure my Pinterest game is on point in order to generate traffic, gain subscribers, and earn sales on my blog.

Tailwind is the primary tool that makes my Pinterest strategies work for me!

I have to confess, I ran (and still run) a small craft-based website for years. Pinterest was my primary social media marketing platform, and I did my best with manual pinning to attract clients and traffic. I heard about schedulers and tools like Tailwind, but I resisted. Maybe I was afraid to spend a monthly fee for marketing help, so I pushed on without the right tools.

Traffic was low. Sales were slow. Despite putting in a ton of work every week, I wasn’t making much money. Having worked a few more years in online business, I now realize that if you spend a little bit of money in a way that helps generate traffic, it can pay off in big dividends.

When I started heartmylife.com, I decided to throw caution to the wind and join Tailwind right from the start. What a huge difference! I started making money immediately, getting as many as 300 visitors a day to my blog in my first month of blogging, and enjoying the ease of using a Pinterest scheduler as part of my business strategy.

With the right tool, I get more done in less time and I’m infinitely more effective than in my previous business. To help you understand more of the benefits of using Tailwind as a scheduler for your Pinterest and Instagram marketing, here’s a breakdown of the features I love!

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1. Quick and Easy Pin Scheduling

Board lists

If you’re pinning for business, chances are you’re joining group boards and networking with other bloggers to promote your work. (If you’re not, you need to grab my free download 100+ Pinterest Group Boards accepting contributors and start joining group boards! You’ll be amazed at how much traffic you get from this group promotional method.)

I am a contributor to around 50 – 55 group boards right now. That’s a lot to remember and too many to manage without some help! Tailwind has the solution in their board lists feature. You can create lists of boards that you pin to often, categorizing your lists by topic.

For example, I pin frequently about working from home, blogging topics, and social media. I have divided my group boards into categories and assigned them to relevant board lists.

When I have a pin about working from home, rather than trying to remember the 20 different boards I am a member of on that topic, I can simply assign that pin to that board list. With one click I can schedule that pin to 20+ boards. That’s a serious time saver!!

I can’t stress how important it is to make the most of your blogging time, especially if you’re a busy mom blogging during nap time, or if you’re still working a 9 to 5 and trying to build your online business in your off hours. These kinds of shortcuts are life savers!


Because you NEVER want to look like you’re spamming your boards or anyone else with your pins, you need to spread your pins out a little. The most common suggestion I hear is pin a ratio of 1:3. That’s 1 of your pins, then 3 of other people’s pins. This creates variety in your pinning stream (and also makes you look less self-centered. :-))

To help you create a balanced pinning queue, Tailwind has provided an “interval” feature. Click the clock icon at the bottom of the scheduling window and another set of scheduling options appears. You can choose a specific date and time, or if you are scheduling to multiple boards at the same time, choose to spread the pins out with an interval of hours or days between each pin.

Tailwind will then schedule your pins to your timeline based on those criteria. This leaves open time slots between your pins for you to add pins from other bloggers on your niche topics, turning your Pinterest profile into a valuable resource for your audience of followers. (There’s more amazing tips on adding other people’s pins in the Tribes section below!)

Tailwinds drag and drop scheduling toolDrag and drop scheduler

If you want to make changes to your pinning schedule, Tailwind makes it super easy to do that with their handy drag-and-drop feature in the scheduling pane. You see a small preview of each of the pins that are scheduled to your queue.

Want a pin to go out earlier in the day? Just drag and drop it to an earlier time slot. The queue will reshuffle to place that pin in the time slot you specified, making it easy to customize your queue.

Browser Integration Button

Tailwind provides a very handy feature that makes pinning from the internet super easy…a browser extension! Inside your dashboard, you’ll find an option to install your extension, and with a few clicks you’re up and running!

Whenever you visit a page on the internet you want to add to your Pinterest boards, just click the extension button. A window pops up offering you a variety of images from that page to choose from. You select your image, then you can choose a board and schedule the pin right there in that window, or opt to save the image to your drafts and schedule it later.

2. Tribe Networking

Increase your influence and spread your message to a wider audience when you join forces with other bloggers and online business people in your niche. I joined Tailwind just a few months ago and applied to join 5 Tribes, the number allotted on my plan. As a direct result of Tailwind Tribes sharing my pins, I’ve reached more that 2 million people with my pins!!!

The Tribes dashboard makes it easy to find pins that your audience will relate to. Tribe members upload their pins. You see all the new pins in your dashboard. You can quickly sort, assign and pin them to your boards. If they aren’t relevant to your audience, you can hide them. If you have already pinned that pin or if you have it scheduled in your queue, Tailwind will let you know that too.

I get on Tailwind and add my pins from my blog. Then to fill out my schedule, I head for the Tribes. Within about 10 minutes, I’ve filled my queue for the entire week with high quality, relevant content from my Tribe.

You can join up to 5 Tribes on the Plus plan, which is a great place to start! If you want to upgrade, you can do that too, and you’ll get access to even more Tribes!

3. Analytics

To be effective as an online business person, you have to have information and analytics at your disposal to help you assess how much impact your efforts are having and where to best invest your time, money, and energy as it pertains to your business.

Tailwind analytics are an AMAZING source of information that can help you focus your efforts where they’re most effective and increase your impact across Pinterest. The analytics in Tailwind include:

1. Pin analytics

See which of your pins are getting the most re-pins and clicks on Pinterest. This allows you to recirculate those pins, maybe create new graphics for the same link to garner new interest, and create more articles and pins on this topic.

2. Boards analytics

Which of your boards are performing well and which are getting little to no interest? This information allows you to understand what your audience is looking for, which subjects matter to them most, and helps you make decisions about what topics to focus on in the future to make your business more relevant to your audience.

Tailwind board analytics

3. Group Board analytics

Find out which of your group boards are working hardest for you by looking at the analytics. See how active contributors are, how many re-pins the board is getting, and which of your pins are getting attention from group boards. That way you don’t waste time or effort on boards that are getting you no results.

4. Profile Performance analytics

See how many followers you have and how much activity they are generating on your account in re-pins and comments.

5. Traffic analytics

See what people are pinning from your website and how many clicks you are getting on pins that lead back to your site.

When you make decisions about the future of your business, you want all of this targeted information on hand to help you become more focused and relevant to your audience.

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I started using Tailwind’s free trial just before I launched my blog. Yes, I said before because I started posting affiliate marketing pins about three weeks prior to the launch of my blog. Tailwind helped my first pins go viral which led to many affiliate marketing sales and my blog expenses were almost paid for by the time my blog launched. Not bad, huh?

As a blogger I highly recommend Tailwind, for the convenience of making Pinterest marketing fast and easy, for the networking power of the Tribes, and for the analytics that help you narrow into that most effective zone in your business! This tool has helped me become profitable in my online business almost right from the start.

If you want to give Tailwind a try, they are running a special in June. For signing up and giving Tailwind a try, they’ll give you a $15 discount on the Tailwind Plus plan! Grab the discount and save big!

Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!


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