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The BEST Landing Page Templates For New Bloggers

The best landing pages for new bloggers

So you’ve started your blog and set up your mailing list. Now you’re ready to create your first sales funnel complete with a landing page. Maybe you’ve created a stellar opt-in to help you gain subscribers or perhaps you put together an awesome product that you’re eager to sell. You start exploring your options and trying to figure out how to set up your sales funnel and suddenly you’re wondering how the heck do these bloggers do this and make it look so easy? Landing page templates, honey!

You’ve seen dozens of them, added your name and email address to beautiful forms and read through awesome landing pages and figured when the time came you’d be able to imitate that on your own site.

If you’re experience is anything like mine, you found out, it’s not quite as easy as it looks!

These landing page templates are too limiting!

First I tried the cheapest option available to me which was using the lead pages and landing page templates that were available to me through my WordPress theme. I quickly discovered my built-in options were extremely limited and formatting was often a nightmare. What I ended up with was landing pages that looked like they’d been thrown together by a third grader. (No offense to third graders!)

These landing page templates are too expensive!

Then someone recommended Leadpages which offers many more options and a professional looking page. They offer hundreds of templates and cool features like A/B testing.

However, there were a few drawbacks. For one, the pages you build are not hosted on your site. They’re hosted on Leadpages.net. I didn’t like the idea of pulling visitors away from my site and putting all those pages in someone else’s hands.

Then there’s the cost. The service is $25/month billed annually or $300/year. Ummm, did I mention this is a new blog with a limited budget at this early stage?

The search continued….

These landing page templates are just right!

Then I came across another landing page template option. Bluchic Landing Pages!

The designers at Bluchic have created a set of landing pages that integrate with almost any theme on a WordPress site. The set comes with 7 different templates which include:

  1. opt-in page
  2. sales page
  3. trip-wire offer page
  4. webinar registration page
  5. live webinar page
  6. thank you page
  7. offer expired page

UPDATE: (FYI they just updated their template package and it now has 15 gorgeous templates!)

With this mix of pages, you can create almost any offer or sequence you’d like for your sales funnels. The landing page templates are so pretty and feminine and have such a professional, clean look to them. You’ll look like pro which helps build reader confidence and increase your conversion rates.

An example of a landing page I created with Bluchic landing pagesSample page I created with BluChic Landing Pages

Not only are they pretty, they’re practical! The creators have thought through the sales process and included every feature you will need to create a compelling page. Following the structure they’ve set up helps you to highlight your product or opt-in to its full potential.

Plus, the templates are highly customizable to fit your needs. Change the background pictures. Alter the colors of the links, headlines, and backgrounds. Change the font sizes. Add or remove fields. Give them your branding so they blend with your site and your other products and offers.

Unlike subscription based landing pages, this package is a one-time purchase. You pay an incredibly reasonable price—a fraction of a year’s subscription with the competitor—and you can use them forever. No expiration or renewal fees to worry about. In the long term, this provides massive savings over paying a monthly or yearly subscription rate to another company.

One additional benefit—you’re building landing pages on your domain through your website, not on someone else’s domain like you do with a subscription landing page service.

I’ve worked with four of five different lead page systems in my blogging career and BluChic Landing Pages are by far my favorite option.

Want to see some of the pages I’ve built with BluChic? Click the links below and have a peek!

Want to start a blog? Landing Page

One of my Tripwire Pages

Blogger’s Resource Library Opt-in Page

What do you think? Are these landing page templates right for you? If you want to give them a try, here’s the link again:


Happy funneling!

How to create professional and pretty landing pages with ease! Pretty, practical and affordable landing page software perfect for new bloggers.
How to create amazing landing pages without breaking the bank account! Affordable landing page software.
The best landing page software for new bloggers. Affordable and easy to use landing page software.

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How to create amazing landing pages without breaking the bank account! Affordable landing page software.
How to create professional and pretty landing pages with ease! Pretty, practical and affordable landing page software perfect for new bloggers.

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