10 Free Font Sites To Enhance Your Graphic Design

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As an online business person you spend a fair portion of your work time creating graphics for your blog posts, your social media streams, and your products and opt-ins. The fonts you use in your visual marketing add an incredible amount of personality to your graphics and help define your brand and business.
Fonts help to create a mood. You can use fun, playful fonts. Bold attention grabbing fonts. Uppity looking formal fonts. Fonts that reminds people of gas stations or diners. Rusty looking fonts. Industrial looking fonts. Western looking fonts.
Sooooo many fonts!!!
Can you tell I’m kind of font-crazy? Love me a good font! I have a full Pinterest board dedicated to fonts, font combinations, fonts for holidays, fonts that look like popular movie fonts, chalk fonts, etc.
Alright now that I’ve said FONT like a thousand times, let’s get to the good stuff. You can add to your computer’s font collection and jazz up your font usage on your graphics, downloads, and opt-in materials…and you can do it for FREE! I’ve collected 10 websites for you that offer free font downloads.
Browse through the fonts and find the ones that appeal to you. Font files typically come in .OTF or .TTF formats. Your particular computer may prefer one or the other, or maybe it will accept either one. I will have to let you do the research on that point. See what types of files are loaded into your font library already, and that should give you a good clue.


Font creators are artists and have the right to protect their intellectual property with a license. Many of the fonts on the free sites are licensed “free for commercial use.” However, if you see a font that is licensed “for personal use only” please respect that creator’s wishes and do not use their font on images you create for your business. Not only would that violate their legal rights, it would also open you up to a lawsuit.

Not all fonts are created the same

While I love getting free stuff and keeping my business expenses down by utilizing freebies, I have found that some of the free fonts can be a little glitchy, or they are limited—as in they don’t always include all the special characters you may need.
Give your new free fonts a test drive and see how they perform. If they have some issues or create problems, simply delete them from your font library. You don’t know until you try. Thankfully the buggy fonts are few and far between so you will mostly find amazing keepers.
Without further ado here is the list! Click on a headline to visit that site.

Creative Market

While this site is not solely dedicated to distributing free fonts, I’ve included it on the list because Creative Market offers “weekly freebies” to anyone who holds an account. Every Monday morning I get an email that says “check out this week’s free goods from Creative Market.” I buzz over to the site and browse the selection of six items that are offered for free. They usually include at least two free fonts, as well as background images, graphics, and/or really cool kits.
[bctt tweet=”Did you know Creative Market gives away six freebies every week! They usually include two free fonts, as well as background images, graphics, and design kits. https://heartmylife.com/creativemarket” username=”authorlisamills”]
The fonts they offer are usually very high quality and licensed for commercial use. I always grab the free fonts, and have found some of my absolute favorites in their freebie grab bin.


Some fonts are free, or they have free versions while the full versions are offered for a small fee. Very professional.


You may be taken offsite to download a font. You will need to decide if you are comfortable downloading from the host site.







Google Fonts

Want to add one of your favorite fonts to your website? Google fonts is the way to go. It takes a little coding know-how to change your site fonts, but if you want a particular font for branding purposes, you can definitely do it.
To explain the process in really over-simplified terms, you find your font on the Google Fonts site, then link to that font in your coding and instruct your site to pull that font in and display it in your headings or text. The few times I’ve done it, I had to adjust my CSS file as well as my functions.php file. The files that need adjusting may vary from theme to theme.
You can find directions online, or hire a coder to do the work for you. If you do it yourself, do not adjust your original file. Make a copy and do your adjustments there. Then, if it doesn’t work out or if you mess something up, you can upload your original files and restore the site to normal. :-/


Looking to put together a word-focused graphic quickly? Check out typeslab.com. Type a quote or a meme into the entry field, and type slab arranges the words into a nice visual graphic.
Here’s what the typeslab.com site looks like:
The typeslab poster creation screen that allows you to turn your quote or meme into a visual graphic quickly.
Pretty cool, huh?
All right people, it’s time to get out there and hunt some fonts! If you know of another free font site, drop the info in the comments below to share it with us.

10 Free Font Sites to help you enhance your graphic designs!
Fabulous fonts! 10 free font sites to enhance yoru graphic design!
Love Fonts? 10 free font sites to help you find the perfect font for your branding and graphics!