10 Feminine WordPress Themes and How To Pick the Right One

One of my favorite parts of developing a blog or website is choosing a theme! I think I love it because it feels so much like decorating a house, and who doesn’t find that incredibly fun?! You get to choose a new layout for each room, decide what colors to put on the walls, find the perfect place for all your sassy Ikea purchases… Everything is so fresh and new and beautiful when you’re done.
But there are some questions you should ask before you press the “buy” button. You’re going to be much happier in the long run if you choose a theme that meets your business needs as well as your aesthetic tastes. It’s important to determine what you plan to do with your site and how you want it to work for you before you purchase your theme.
1. What is the main purpose of the site? Will it be to blog? To direct traffic to a store? To sell a course? To offer a service like coaching or virtual assistance? To showcase your work as a photographer or designer? Do you want to sell books or dish up recipes? There are themes designed specifically with those types of businesses in mind. The designers have spent many hours determining what features will best serve that type of business and then programmed them into the site so they are ready for you.
2. Is building a mailing list a key component of your sales strategy? If so, I suggest you look at themes that have subscriber boxes built into them, and landing pages as part of the package. Having these features will make your work so much easier!
3. How much customizing do you plan to do? Some people are happy to buy a theme and install it and use it as is while others want to incorporate their branding and color scheme on a template. Some themes are easier to customize than others. Find out how many color schemes are available and how you would go about changing the palette of the site. How much leeway will you have installing logos and banners of your own? If your theme is not easily customizable, you may have to pay someone who’s good with code to go into your files and make the necessary adjustments. That creates an additional expense.
4. Will your favorite or preferred plugins work with this theme? For example, if you plan to have a storefront on your site, you’ll want to find out which plugins you can use. WooCommerce is a popular storefront, and easy to set up. Shopify is another popular option. If you want to utilize one of these plugins, make sure it will integrate with your theme seamlessly.
5. Is the theme mobile friendly? This one isn’t really a question you should have to ask so much as a must-have for any site nowadays. Recent statistics are showing that more than 50% of people are surfing, shopping, and consuming content on their phones. If your site is a disaster to read on the phone, you’ve just lost half your audience. Make sure your theme is mobile responsive.
6. Is the theme from a quality designer who has given care and attention to security? Hackers can find their way into back doors and loopholes in a carelessly coded site. Quality designers work hard to make sure that their product will not leave you vulnerable. They also review WordPress changes and update their products accordingly. While their themes may cost a little more, you are so much better off with a site that is safe and functional than one that’s been hijacked and is being used for nefarious purposes.
Okay, so now that you’ve thought over some of these key questions, are you ready to shop? I know I am! Let’s go!
Here are 10 amazing WordPress themes for the savvy online business babe!

Darling – Restored 316 Designs

Darling Theme by Restored 316 Designs
This gorgeous layout from Restored 316 Designs has some awesome features that has it standing out from the crowd. A clean, simple design with soft feminine colors makes it so pleasant to look at. I love that the navigation bar stays fixed at the top of the page as you scroll down, so people are able to click around the site without annoying scrolling to find the links.
The large feature buttons beneath the banner image allow you to highlight your best content and lead the visitor through your site. Darling also offers an opt-in bar underneath the feature buttons, and an opt-in box option at the bottom of the page. Click through the Demo Site and see how you can customize the colors, adjust the number of widgets, change page layouts and so much more.
Maybe the best feature is that this theme runs on the Genesis platform which is known for its solid programming and trusted security.

Boss Lady – Creative Market

Boss Lady WordPress Theme from Creative Market
The Boss Lady theme has a whole lot to offer an online ladypreneur! This theme is packed with features that help you promote your business, sell your products, and build your audience.
Customizable colors, large feature images, a subscriber box, mobile responsive, and tons of shortcodes that allow you to integrate special formatting and features into your posts and pages. This theme is also e-commerce friendly so you can set up a store. Choose from 9 blog layout options as well as landing and lead page templates. I got my hands on this theme and am having some fun playing with it here on HeartMyLife.com!

Serenity – Beautiful Dawn Designs

Serenity by Beautiful Dawn Designs
I have been going through a robin’s-egg-blue phase lately so when I saw the Serenity theme from Beautiful Dawn Designs, I was gaga over it. The colors are customizable through the built-in customizer, although who would want to change them? They are so soothing and inviting.
In addition to being gorgeous, this theme offers numerous layout options, an amazing array of shortcodes, an about me widget, social media icons ready to put to use, and a variety of google fonts to choose from so you can pick your fonts! Serenity is also WooCommerce ready, so set up your store and get to selling! Have a look at the Live Demo and explore.

Olivie – BluChic

Olivie is a yummy theme with clean layouts and inviting graphics. The feature auto slider intrigues visitors with shifting graphics of your best content. The post excerpts with thumbnails make you look like a total pro while selling your content with the targeted images.
Customize the colors and fonts with a built-in customizer that changes everything for you with a few clicks. No coding necessary. Add your logo and give the header your personal touch. An optional sticky menu feature allows you to program the navigation to “stick” at the top of the page so your visitors don’t have to scroll to find it.
A subscriber bar will make it easier to build your mailing list, and you can choose from multiple layout options, finding the one that best suits your needs. Don’t miss the three featured widgets at the bottom of the page that allow you to further highlight content.

Inspired – Beautiful Dawn Designs

Inspired by Beautiful Dawn Designs

I was inspired when I first saw the Inspired theme from Beautiful Dawn Designs. The wide banner with a scrolling widget option gives visitors some immediate eye candy to fixate on. The featured posts with nice-sized images invites clicking and exploring. Integrate your social media with sidebar widgets, and enjoy the preloaded social media icons.
A subscriber bar helps you build your email list and an “about me” photo and bio section lets people get to know you. The wide selection of shortcodes available in this theme, including a slider, buttons, alert boxes, drop caps, divider lines, text highlighting options and column choices, allow you to add these handy features with a quick click. The built-in customizer lets you choose from unlimited color options and a large selection of Google fonts. This theme is WooCommerce ready so set up a store and sell, sell, sell!

Hello! Pro Theme – StudioPress

Hello! Pro Theme by StudioPress
If you’re a coach or public speaker looking for a theme that will highlight you as a personal brand, Hello! Pro offers all the features you could want to give you that professional edge. A nice wide banner allows you to highlight a professional photo, and just below that, a top notch subscriber bar invites people to join your mailing list. The site has an uncluttered, professional feel that your visitors will appreciate.
The stationary navigation bar at the top of the page makes moving through the site easier. You can choose from a variety of page layouts, and it comes with a landing page template. Check this one out and don’t forget to click through the Live Demo so you get a real feel for it.

Glam – Restored 316 Designs

Glam Theme by Restored 316 Designs
Who wouldn’t want to feel and look glamorous? The Glam theme from Restored 316 Designs is perfect for a fashion or lifestyle blog with plenty of space for feature photos. And I love the gold sprinkles of glitter. What gal doesn’t love some sparkle?
This theme lets you spotlight your content and best articles with a wide scrolling banner that features posts or an about you blurb. You can utilize the subscriber bar, integrate your social media accounts and content, and invite visitors to your blog with image-based category buttons on the home page.
This theme also comes with a landing page feature, an e-commerce store setup, and a variety of layouts to choose from. You can customize the colors to fit your personality with a few easy clicks. If Glam is what you’re going for, check this one out.

Aria – Creative Market

Aria WordPress Theme from Creative Market
If you are wanting to create a website with large beautiful images, have a look at Aria. Customize the theme with your own logo, favicon, and color scheme with a live customizer. The slideshow widget lets you showcase several images, and the blog post features invite visitors in with space for beautiful graphics. Hover over the navigation bar and notice the dropdown feature to help keep your navigation uncluttered.
A subscriber bar will help you build your email list, and you have numerous page layouts as well as a landing page to choose from. This theme runs on the Genesis framework, which is an additional purchase, but well worth the money.

Beautiful Pro Theme – Studio Press

Beautiful Pro Theme by Studiopress
Beautiful Pro is a clean, classic design that gives your visitors a relaxing, uncluttered experience on your site. I’ve used this theme on several websites and know firsthand that it’s easily customizable and integrates wonderfully with almost any plugin I’ve tried. Choose the image you want to display in your banner or skip the image and just install a logo. The Welcome feature just below the banner lets you highlight your latest product or project, and sample posts offer visitors a taste of the content you offer.
The side bar allows you to feature ads and links to your social media pages as well as a photo and short blurb about you. While it doesn’t have a built-in subscriber box feature, you can easily add one with a plugin. If clean and customizable is what you’re going for, this is a great theme.

Adelle Pro – BluChic

Adelle Pro WordPress Theme by Bluchic
Update 9/6/19 – BluChic has discontinued this theme, however they’ve come out with a couple more really great designs to choose from. Check them out here.
This gorgeous theme grabbed my eye with the pink polka dots across the top of the page. Adelle Pro offers a wide home-page slider so you can feature your best content. Customize the theme to your color preferences with an easy color wheel customizer, and choose your fonts from a variety of Google fonts. You can upload your logo to further customize your branding.
This theme is WooCommerce compatible and ready for you to set up your store. Social media icons are included and ready to install. The subscriber bar is an important feature, and the drop-down options in the navigation keep your nav bar from cluttering up. Scroll down to the very bottom of the demo and check out the crazy cute image widget.

If you didn’t find quite what you’re looking for in the themes I’ve listed here, I invite you to check out these amazing theme sites and browse their products. They have dozens and dozens of awesome layouts and designs to choose from, too many to list in one blog article. Click the links and explore to see if you can find just the thing!

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Make your website stand out from the crowd with a professional and feminine wordpress theme, perfect for the mom blogger or the lady boss solopreneur. You aren't boring, so why should your website be any different?
10 Feminine WordPress Themes for the female entrepreneur. Make your online presence stand out with one of these professional and feminine themes.

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