Make An Easy $25 Today With These Cash Back Programs!

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Who doesn’t love some easy money? One of my favorite ways to earn is by finding ways to make money doing tasks and making purchases that were on my agenda anyway. Enter the cash back programs! If I can get back 2%, 5% or 10% cash back for a needed purchase, that’s a total win in my book.
I’ve been working the credit card points program and using Swagbucks to rack up gift cards for a long time, but recently I decided to explore a few more programs that allow you to earn CASH for shopping and surfing and engaging in activities you’d be doing anyway.
This month I checked out a handful of programs and I’m having a lot of fun with three of them. Not only do they help you make and/or save money, they also offer welcome bonuses for signing up and giving their programs a try.
With just these three programs, you can make an easy $25 in signing bonuses this week!
Here’s the inside scoop on each one:


Join for free and earn a $10 welcome bonus once you redeem your first $10 in savings.

(Hint: I earned $11.00 with Ibotta offers during my first grocery shopping trip on items I would have bought anyway. I did not alter my shopping list to pad my discounts. Plus—BONUS—many of the items I bought were on sale in the store as well, so I saved an addition $10 through in-store savings. Did you hear that? That was me winning to the tune of $21!!!)

How does it work?

1. Before you shop, you add offers on great products by completing simple tasks.
2. Go shopping at a participating store. If your store has a loyalty card, you can link it to the app! Buy the products and save your receipt.
3. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem the offers.
4. Get cash. The money is deposited to your Ibotta account usually within 48 hours.
Now here’s a real life example for you: I LOVE Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, and I eat one almost every day for breakfast with some granola and whipped cream. YUM! This brand is often on sale at my local grocery for 10 for $10, so when I see the sale, I stock up!!!
While cruising through the Ibotta app, I discovered that this week I can save 50¢ on Dannon Light & Fit Greek if I use their special offer.
If I save 50¢ on my breakfast every morning, that’s $182.50 I’ll save throughout the year. Cha-ching! That’s just one item, people. Think if you could find a dozen more…you’ll be saving big!
But wait…you do have to complete a simple task in order to earn the offer. All I had to do to add this discount to my queue was look at 4 photos with captions that gave recipe ideas for how the yogurt could be used—a parfait, a smoothie, a breakfast bowl, etc. Once I’d completed that very easy task, I was able to add the discount to my offers.
Next I went shopping and redeemed my savings on the 5 containers of yogurt I bought. So exciting!

Almost all stores are participants in this program.

I couldn’t find a grocery store in my area that wasn’t on the list. It’s easy to check stores from the app too, so no worries.
That’s just one simple example. You can find offers on all kinds of products you use every day like toothpaste and soup, and there are also generic any-brand offers on items like bananas, shredded cheese, or one dozen eggs. Why not save on those items? You know you’re gonna buy them anyway!
If you haven’t already, I encourage you to try it! The savings you can find in Ibotta is amazing. I am really enjoying putting money back in my pocket!


Join for free, and once you spend $25 through the app, you earn $10.

Ebates partners with stores like Amazon, JCPenney, Dick’s, Office Depot, Sephora, Best Buy, Macy’s, Verizon, and hundreds more stores you shop at every month! These stores pay Ebates a commission on your purchases as their way of saying thanks for the referral. Ebates passes that on to you as cash back savings!
How does it work?
1. You shop online with Ebates at your favorite stores. Their browser extension makes it easy!
2. Earn cash back on your orders.
3. Get paid by check or Paypal.
I have to admit, I shop at Amazon all the time. And with the kids on our cell phone plan, it seems like someone needs a new cell phone every four or five months. I run a home business, which means I buy lots of printer ink and office supplies.
Now I can buy those products I need anyway and use Ebates to get cash back for my purchases. I’m so in!
Do you shop online for birthday presents, housewares, or electronics? Why not get some cash back for stuff you are going to buy anyway? Log into your fav store through the Ebates app and redeem your savings.


Earn $5.00 just for signing up!

How does it work?
1. Brands pay InboxDollars for consumer feedback.
2. InboxDollars recruits members like you to help.
3. You take surveys and try new products, redeem coupons, play games, or search the web.
4. You earn real cash!
You get your $5.00 bonus as soon as you confirm your account through your email. Then start playing games, using the search, doing surveys and other tasks to earn more!
What I like best about InboxDollars is that you earn cash—not rewards, credits, or points—CASH! Once your account reaches $30.00 you can request a payout.
There are lots of ways to earn so explore and find the ones you enjoy and build yourself a side hustle income. I earned about $10 this weekend just doing random easy stuff!

That’s it folks! Now get out there and save! Save! SAVE!
Have fun and make me proud!

Earn an easy $25 today with these 3 cash back programs and save hundreds this year!