19 Genius Tailwind Features That Make Scheduling A Breeze

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Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!As online entrepreneurs we spend a large amount of time working on marketing our online businesses. At times marketing seems to take up the majority of my workday. However, with the right Pinterest marketing tools, you can drastically cut down on the hours you spend creating social media posts and sending updates to your followers.

A good scheduling program will offer you shortcuts and convenient features that reduce the time you spend and increase your productivity. That’s why I love Tailwind! When I started using it and taking advantage of all the convenient bells and whistles, my time spent on Pinterest marketing dropped rapidly while traffic to my site and sales increased. Win-win!

Tailwind has so many brilliant functions designed to make scheduling as quick and painless as possible that it’s impossible not to love it! Here are 19 features that make marketing on Pinterest a breeze!

Board Lists

Screen shot of Tailwind's board lists feature.To be effective in Pinterest marketing, you want to add your pin to several topic-appropriate boards on your profile as well as group boards that cover the subject. But keeping track of what you’ve pinned and where you’ve pinned it can be a hassle, which is why I appreciate Tailwind‘s Board Lists!

Create lists of boards on related topics, then schedule your pin to go to each of those boards in turn—with just ONE click! I have a list of boards that cover blogging topics. If I write a blog article that covers a blogging tip, I simply tell Tailwind to send that pin to that list, and SHAZAM! I’ve scheduled the pin to go out to half a dozen boards in less than thirty seconds.

I have Lists set up for all the major categories that I blog about often, and for Group Boards on related topics. Since I got organized using this handy feature, my marketing time is a fraction of what it once was.


Screen shot of Tailwind's Interval featureEveryone hates spam, which is why you should never pin the same pin over and over again to your account in a short space of time. Even if you space that pin out a with a few others in between, it’s still floating through your followers feeds time and time again, which can irritate people and cause you to lose followers.

Tailwind offers an Interval feature that allows you to designate a delay between pin postings, which spreads your pinning out over the course of days or weeks, and gives your pin feed a more random feel.

Simply click on the tiny clock face at the bottom of your pin scheduler window and choose the interval you want between each time the pin is added to a board on your account. I usually set the interval for at least 1 day between pins, which has worked out well.


Screen shot of Tailwind's Scheduling windowGoing on vacation but want your latest blog to get some promo while you’re away? No problem! Tailwind allows you to add pins to your queue and set the date you want the pin to first appear on your account. When I go on vacation I typically write up my blogs in advance and set them up to publish on my usual blogging days, which are Monday and Friday.

To make sure the promotion gets out on time, I upload my images to Tailwind, write great descriptions, then schedule them to go out a few hours after my blog goes live. All my work is getting done while I sit on the beach sipping a fruity drink with a little paper umbrella in it!

Optimized Post Times

The Tailwind bots have access to TONS of statistics and information on Pinterest activity that you and I could never hope to access or evaluate. Tailwind gathers all that information and puts it to use benefitting its customers by finding the days and times when your audience is most active on Pinterest and recommending the best times for you to add your pins to your account.

By making use of this feature and scheduling your pins when your audience is most active, you pins have more chance to be seen by your followers and gaining valuable clicks and re-pins! By using this feature you get an optimized posting schedule while Tailwind does all the work.

Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!

Drag and Drop Scheduler

Tailwinds drag and drop scheduling toolSometimes you want a pin to appear at a specific time, or you want to spread pins of similar subject material out by placing other pins between them. If you don’t like how your queue is currently arranged, it’s easy enough to change it. Just drag and drop pins in different time slots and the queue will automatically resort and arrange itself to accept the adjustment.

I love using Tailwind’s recommended pinning schedule and I allow Tailwind to make most of the decisions about when to post my pins. However, from time to time, I like to make some manual adjustments and the drag and drop feature makes it easy.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Integration

Add to Tribes, Smart Loop and Social Media buttonIf you use Facebook pages or Twitter for your marketing, Tailwind makes it easy to share your content on those platforms. Connect your accounts through the Settings. When you go to schedule pins from your Drafts, there’s a handy button in your pin scheduling window that allows you to add the content to Twitter and Facebook too. It’s a great way to share new blog posts across multiple platforms with one click.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, Tailwind is running a Beta program developing an Instagram scheduler. Get in on the ground floor of the Beta program and let it make Instagram promo easier for ya!

Smart Loop

Tailwind has recently rolled out this awesome new feature which loops your pins, adding them to Pinterest again without you having to lift a finger. In the past, you could schedule a pin to go out to a board only once. If you wanted that pin to make a second appearance, you had to manually go in and reschedule it for another round of pinning.

Now, thanks to Tailwind innovation, they’ve created Smart Loop, which allows you to schedule your pins to loop. You set up a loop by choosing the pins and the boards you want them to post to. Create as many loops as you’d like.

Then determine how many “looped” pins you want in your daily schedule. Tailwind does the rest, choosing the pins, spacing them out according to your instructions, and adding them to your queue.

This feature can serve to keep older pins rotating back into the schedule without any extra effort on your part. Set it up once, and you’re done!

Add to Smart Loop Button

Add to Tribes, Smart Loop and Social Media buttonAdding a pin to the Smart Loop is as easy as clicking a button. When you upload a pin to your drafts, you will see a Add To Smart Loop button right on the scheduling window. Simply click and tell Tailwind which loop to add the pin to. Easy peasy!


One of the things I love about being a blogger is the opportunity to meet other bloggers, network, and work together to promote one another and grow our businesses together. Tailwind‘s Tribes give you the chance to join forces with bloggers in your niche, share your content with them, and help one another promote on Pinterest.

Tribes have allowed me to extend my reach to over 8 million Pinterest users in just seven months of participation. By posting my content to Tribes and gaining re-pins and shares from other members, my pins have gone much farther than they would have if I were working alone to promote my online business.

I’ve also connected with some amazing bloggers and made some friends along the way that have been a huge influence in my blogging business.

Add to Tribes Button

Tailwind makes adding your content to Tribes easy with a Add To Tribes button in the pin scheduling window. Each week when I am scheduling my pins, I give that button a click and add my pin to my Tribes as well. In seconds, I’ve shared my pin with thousands of other bloggers who will help me promote it by adding it to their boards.

TrScreen shot of the Tailwind Tribes messaging systemibe Messaging System

A few months back, Tailwind adding a message feature to Tribes to make it easier for Tribe-mates to communicate with one another. I LOVE the message boards and read them each time I visit the Tribe to do some pinning.

Tribe-mates share info about new Facebook groups they’ve started, free downloads and courses they’re offering, and new Tribes and communities that are forming up. I’ve found some wonderful resources and groups to join through the message boards and use them myself to share information about opportunities.

Pin Analytics

The wealth of information in Tailwind’s analytics can’t be beat. I think it might be even more informative and helpful than the analytics available on Pinterest. Tailwind keeps track of statistics and analytics on your last 5,000 pins. Find out which pins are getting the most re-pins and clicks. See which topics your audience is showing the most interest in.

Use this information to create your Pinterest Marketing Strategy and make smarter content decisions as you move forward.

Board Analytics

One of the keys to success on Pinterest is pinning your pins to boards that have active and engaged followers who re-pin and click on your content. Tailwind analytics helps you see critical data about your bards with a glance. See how many pins, followers, and re-pins each board has. Assess the virality score and see the engagement rate for each board.

Tailwind’s board analytics also allow you to sort your boards by type, dividing boards up in the three categories—Regular, Group Boards, and Secret Boards. If you only want to assess info on one type of board, you can easily remove the others from the results with a click of a checkbox.

Tailwind board analytics

Browser Extension

Tailwind has made adding pins to your “Drafts” folder by providing a handy browser extension. The extension is available for a variety of browsers, and once installed, adds a Tailwind Icon to your browser’s header bar.

screen shot showing Tailwind Browser Extension

Whenever you want to pin a blog article or page to your Tailwind queue, simply click the icon and select an image from the page. A pin is created and added to your Drafts folder. You can choose to schedule it right that moment or hit “Save for Later” and work on it when you’ve set aside time for Pinterest marketing and scheduling.

Suggested Pins

Tailwind helps you find great content to add to your boards by suggesting pins that are related to the ones you just scheduled. Once you’ve used the Tailwind browser extension to add a pin to your queue, Tailwind follows up by offering you a group of related pins that might also be of interest. Browse the selections and add a few more pins to your queue. This feature is a huge time-saver, finding great content for you.

You can apply to have your pins included in the suggestion feed. This is one more way Tailwind makes it easy to share your content with a wide audience.

Screen shot of the Tailwind appThe App

Sometimes you just can’t sit down at your computer and do your marketing. No worries! Tailwind makes it easy to schedule on the go by providing a Tailwind app for your phone.

Find and schedule great content while you sit in a waiting room or during your commute on the bus. The app lets you make the most of time that might otherwise be wasted by allowing you to do your marketing on the go.

Affiliate Program

If you love Tailwind and think it’s worth recommending, Tailwind offers a great affiliate program that allows you to earn account credits for referring your friends and associates. You can email invitations right from your Tailwind dashboard by entering an email in your referral pane. Or grab your affiliate link and put it on your blog and share it in your emails. Anytime one of your referrals signs up to a paid Tailwind program, you receive $15 credit toward your next Tailwind charge.

If you’d rather earn cash, you can also refer Tailwind through Share-a-sale’s Affiliate Network. Get signed up with Share-a-sale, then apply to be a Tailwind affiliate through your Share-a-sale dashboard. Once you’re approved, you’ll have an affiliate link to share that earns you cash for referring.

Tailwind Chat Support FeatureHelp Chat Feature

Tailwind’s customer service team is awesome! They make it easy to ask questions and get support through the help chat feature in the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Just click the icon and a chat window pops up. Ask your question and they’ll come back with a reply as soon as possible. Often I get a response in minutes.

Easy Multi-Account Toggle

If you’re a Pinterest addict or a Virtual Assistant running multiple Pinterest accounts, Tailwind provides you with a multi-account toggle that allows you to easily move from one account to another. No need to fuss with logging in and out to access multiple accounts. Just choose the account you want from the drop-down and you’re ready to schedule pins for that account.

After reading through that list, can you see why I love Tailwind so much? I can zip in and get my scheduling done in just 15 – 20 minutes a week. That leaves me more time to write blog posts, develop products, and get to know great people like you!

Tailwind Free Trial

Interested in trying Tailwind? Take advantage of the free trial and explore all these great features for yourself! Here’s a link that will get you 100 pins free. You can join Tribes during the free trial too!

Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!

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19 genius tailwind features that make scheduling a breeze!
19 genius Tailwind features that make Pinterest marketing easy