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Why bloggers should celebrate milestones

Get your brain addicted to success and supercharge your motivation.

I am a huge believer that every person should celebrate milestones. Every. Single. Time!

Like many bloggers, I take some time each month or quarter to stop, look around and take inventory of where I’m at, how things in my business are progressing, what posts have been most trafficked, how many followers I’m gaining, etc.

These kinds of progress checks are critical if you want to run a successful online business. You have to take time to assess what’s working and what’s not and adjust your strategy, right?

Sometimes, like this month, I discover that I’ve reached some significant milestones that are worth celebrating. #danceparty

I’m a firm believer in celebrating milestones and all the small victories along the way in your life’s journey. It’s important to stop and smile, do a fist pump in the air, maybe do a happy dance around your office when something goes your way. Really let yourself feel good about the win!

When I reach a goal or achieve a new height, I like dance around my office or do a little wiggle in my chair to celebrate. I let myself smile for a minute and do the “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” or “Winner winner, chicken dinner!” chants. My dog who likes to hang out in my office with me gives me this deadpan stare like, “Seriously, humans are so weird!”

Black dog looking into camera, my dog watching me celebrate milestones

When I finish being silly and laughing at the dog, I take time to write down my victory and express my gratitude in my journal.

Here’s four reasons that I celebrate milestones:

  1. It helps my mindset and my attitude to be grateful for all the goodness that comes my way. I also believe that it opens you up for more goodness. You attract what you focus on so focus on the wins!
  2. I love having a record of my achievements so I can look back on them and see how far I’ve come from that mega-newbie blogger who didn’t have a clue.
  3. It gives me confidence to reach for the next level and the next victory! You have to be determined in this business to succeed. So many bloggers give up and walk away because discouragement overtakes them and they stop believing in themselves.
  4. It trains my brain to want to accomplish goals. Yes, you can train your brain to enjoy success. When you let yourself celebrate your accomplishments, you experience a release of endorphins that feel good. Subconsciously, your body and brain want to feel good like that again, so they seek to fulfill another goal, knowing you’ll get another “fix.” You actually get addicted to success!
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Make it a habit to celebrate reaching your goals, and you’ll find your motivation and inspiration increasing steadily. Seriously, this is a proven brain hack that works!

Taking time to celebrate and be thankful for all the little steps and bits of progress along the way really helps keep you motivated when times are tough. That advice holds true for almost any area of life.

So here are some of the gratitudes I’ve written in my journal this month:

I reached 500+ subscribers on my mailing list.

One of my goals in my online business is to build a mailing list of people who are interested in the same topics that I am and who want to learn and grow together. I’ve worked hard at creating nice opt-ins and setting up systems and automations for my list, and I have faithfully emailed them once a week since the first week of February 2018 when my blog launched.

That work has paid off and my list has steadily grown. I love waking up every morning to a notification from my email provider that XX number of people have subscribed to my list. 🙂

Through my list, I’ve made some great friends and blogging buddies who email me regularly. I really enjoy the comradery we share. I never would have met them if not for my mailing list. I’m super thankful for each and every connection I’ve made in this business!

I now have 1500+ Pinterest followers.

I set up my Pinterest account in the late summer of 2017 in the hopes that I would have time to start my new blog and online business. Then I completely neglected it for about 6 months. I started actively using the account in January with about 25 followers. Wow! You’d think with those small numbers I would have had almost no success in the beginning and yet, I did surprisingly well.

I had planned to launch my blog in February 1, 2018. With a few weeks before my blog was ready, I decided to do some affiliate marketing to warm up my account…and because I was curious if affiliate marketing really worked.

It worked amazingly well and I made $90 the first week of my affiliate marketing efforts. By the time I launched my blog three weeks later, I’d made over $160 and paid for my blog hosting and a year of Tailwind. I share more about how I did that here in this article.

>>>How I Made $90 My First Week Affiliate Marketing<<<

Despite my small Pinterest numbers, I was getting over 100 visitors a day to my new blog almost right away. Those numbers surged to over 300 a day after the first month. Not bad for a brand new blog.

Over the last seven months, my Pinterest account has steadily gained followers. These days it’s not unusual for me to get 70+ followers a week, completely organic. I don’t use follow-for-follow programs or pay for followers ever. I credit my followers to my organized and targeted profile and my habit of consistently posting great content.

Pinterest continues to supply me with the majority of my traffic and I look forward to a long working relationship with the platform. Here’s to the next 1,500 followers and more!

10,000 pins!

This week I was doing a lot of work on my Pinterest account! While I was working on my profile, I happened to click on my “Pins” button and noticed that I had exactly 10,000 pins! How crazy is that? I can’t believe I clicked at just the right time to catch this monumental moment…my 10,000th pin!

Here’s a screen shot:

Screen shot of Heart My Life's Pinterest profile showing 10,000th pin

Keep in mind that I had maybe 200 pins TOTAL on my account in January when I really started using it. So you can see that I’ve been consistently pinning for the last eight months. I feel consistency is key on any social media platform.

Visiting Pinterest regularly is easy for me because I really love Pinterest! I feel it’s one of the best marketing platforms for new bloggers or any bloggers for that matter. Because of the way the platform operates, newbies can gain traction almost immediately and start seeing huge results for their efforts. Plus with schedulers like Tailwind to do the work for you, you can get a ton of marketing done on Pinterest in very little time.

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Click the image below to follow me on Pinterest! I collect great information on my Pinterest boards to help online businesses succeed.

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So those are my big wins for the month of August! Believe me I celebrated the heck out of those victories because I want to attract more wins my way. Plus I want to train my brain to get addicted to success. 🙂

Now let’s talk about your wins!

It’s fun to celebrate milestones with a friend and get a high five from someone who understands how hard you worked for that achievement! So if you’ve had a win this week, leave a comment and share your success story.

It doesn’t have to be big. It can be that you made one affiliate sale or came up with your first opt-in, or maybe this week you got the most followers on a social media platform than you ever have before.
Those totally count! Successes like that get a happy dance in my office.

So comment and share! I’m in the mood to dance with you and I’m sure my other readers would love to be encouraged by your success story! Here’s to us!

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