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6 Pinterest Branding Tips That Will Make Your Profile Unique

6 Pinterest Branding Tips that will make your profile unique

Pinterest is a visual search engine which means you have two completely different goals to pursue on that platform. Because Pinterest is a search engine you must incorporate strong keyboarding and SEO practices into your strategy if you want to succeed. I share “10 Easy Pinterest SEO Tips To Increase Your Traffic” in this article if you want to refresh your knowledge on that topic.

In this blog, we’re going to address the visual aesthetic and branding on your profile.

Let’s face it—people like “pretty.” If you have a profile that’s attractive and pulled together with a unified color palette, theme, and images that attract and inspire, you’re more likely to get a positive response which means followers, clicks, and re-pins.

Taking time to really give your account a professional edge serves a couple of purposes:

  • You can give visitors a taste of your style.
  • Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.
  • A nice-looking organized profile infuses visitors with confidence that you know what you’re doing!
  • You stand out from the crowd, giving you an edge over the competition.

Here are some Pinterest branding tips for six areas of your Pinterest account that you can infuse with your personal style to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Upload A Profile Picture

Every professional business profile needs a professional-looking photo to represent it, preferably of a human face. If you haven’t already, find a nice headshot of yourself showing a friendly smile to serve as your face to the world. People want to feel like they know you, and giving them a face to put with your name and business goes a long way to beginning that relationship.

Never leave the default silhouette icon in your profile image. Scam accounts and unsavory people leave their profile image blank to hide their identity. I’m always skeptical when I see the silhouette, wondering if this is a real account or someone underhanded looking to con me. Don’t hurt your business by making people wonder about your true identity.

If a headshot is out of the question, then uploading your logo will suffice. Craft a nice-looking logo that will display in the profile image area and upload it right away.

Screen shot of Heart My Life's Pinterest Profile with text overlay reading Click Here to Follow Me On Pinterest

Create A Best of Board

Screen shot showing my "best of" board for my pinterest profileOne of the most important boards to add to your account is a “best of” board. This is a board that will serve to hold all the pins from your blog or business, kind of like a portfolio or resume of all your work. This board is only for your work. No one else’s pins will be added to your board.

I labeled mine “Heart My Life Blog” which is pretty self-explanatory. If people want to know what my blog is about, they can find almost every pin I’ve created on that board.

Create Board Covers

I love finding a profile with nice board covers that are easy to read and tell me exactly what kinds of pins I’ll find on that board. They add clarity, branding, and they can help people identify your boards from others. It might also help to know that your board cover will show up in board searches. Here’s how that looks:

Screen shot of how your board cover will look in a Pinterest board search.

If you want to create board covers for your Boards, here’s the steps.

  1. Create an image that measures 600 x 600 pixels. Use your branding colors and a clear bold font to type your board name on the cover.
  2. Upload your board cover image just like you would a regular pin image.
  3. Write a strong description with keywords and SEO to share what the board is about.
  4. In the URL field, link the image to the URL of the board so that if someone saves the pin, it will lead back to your board.
  5. Save the pin to your board.
  6. Click on the edit icon for the board to open the board settings, then click on the “Change” button beside the “Cover” option. Choose the pin you just uploaded as the new cover image.
  7. Save the change and check to see how the new board cover looks.

Don’t Want To Create Board Covers?

Board covers are not an absolute necessity, and in some instances, a well chosen pin can serve as your board cover. If you don’t want to create standard board covers, go to each board and click on the edit icon. Click “Change” beside the “Cover” option and scroll through the pins you have on that board. Find one with a great image that represents the content of that board well and select it.

For some niches, a well-chosen image may actually be preferable to a uniform board cover. Food bloggers, for example, would be better served finding a great image of a pasta dish to serve as the cover for their Pasta Dinners board. On my crochet-themed profile, I chose to select a pin with a beautiful crochet project to represent the content of each board.

If you don't want to make board covers, choose a pin with a great image to represent your board.

What you don’t want to do is allow the board image to be some random graphic that Pinterest selected for you. Go into each board and YOU make the choice about which image will represent your content.

Arrange Your Boards

Did you know you can re-arrange your boards in whatever order you’d like? If you’ve never tried it, today is your day! Go to your Pinterest account and click on Boards. Find your “Best of” board, drag it to the very first slot and drop it there. Your best of board should always get top priority.

Next drag your most popular boards to the top row. Then fill the second row with your next most popular topics. And so on. Drag, drop, and arrange until you feel you have a nice flow that will serve you well.

Remember the boards near the top of the list tend to get more attention, views, and clicks, so put your best stuff at the top!

Select your Featured Boards

Maybe you’ve noticed the Featured Boards section in your profile’s Overview tab. Pinterest allows you to choose up to five boards you’d like to highlight on your Overview page, which is the page visitors land on when they click on your profile link anywhere in Pinterest. That means you’re going to get a lot of eyes on this page and by carefully choosing what your place there, you can present inviting content that entices them to “Follow!”

Screen shot of where to find Featured Boards on Pinterest

I recommend you choose your 5 most popular boards—the ones that get the most engagement. How do you know which are your top 5? You can find out in your Pinterest Analytics or through Tailwind Board Insights. I explain more about how to use Analytics in “How To Use Pinterest Analytics To Make Smarter Content Decisions.”

Next, click on the edit icon (looks like a little pencil) in the corner of your Featured Boards area. Select the five boards you’d like to feature and save your changes.

Screen shot of choosing the boards you want to feature on your Pinterest profile

Stylize Your Banner

Many people don’t realize that you can choose the images that appear in the banner across the top of your Pinterest profile. Hover over the banner and a small edit icon (looks like a pencil) appears in the top right corner of the banner. Click on that and a window appears with your option. You can choose from Latest Pins, Recent Activity, or Choose a board from your account.

screen shot showing how to choose what displays in the background of your Pinterest profile banner

Whichever option you choose, Pinterest will pull pins from that area to populate the graphics in your profile banner. For businesses and bloggers, I recommend you choose your Best Of board that holds all of the pins you’ve created. They should contain your branding and uniform colors and promote your content.

I also recommend this because the banner is “clickable.” Click on your banner and you’ll be taken to the board you chose. Leading visitors to your content is the best use of this marketing feature but if your account is new and you don’t have many pins on Pinterest yet, you can choose one of the other options and change it later.

Screen shot of how to choose what to feature in your Pinterest profile banner

There you have it—six Pinterest branding tips that allow you to infuse your unique style and personality into your Pinterest profile. The great thing is, most of these are super easy to do. It will take you less than 30 minutes to complete the whole list so what are you waiting for? Happy branding!

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6 ways to brand your Pinterest account and make it unique like you!
6 Pinterest Branding Tricks that will make your profile unique

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