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5 Simple Tips To Help You Blog When You’re Busy

As I write this post we are sliding into November and I’m feeling the momentum pick up. You know what I’m talking about, right? The holidays are upon us and it’s about to get very, very busy! Maybe you’re wondering how to blog when you’re busy.

I know I get jittery every year. Can I do it all? Will I be able to keep up and hold it all together?

Maybe you’re already feeling the pressure of the holiday season. Family is starting to reach out, wanting to plan get togethers. You may be planning a trip or hosting out-of-town guests for the holidays. Ideas about Thanksgiving menus and Christmas decor are dancing around in your head.

There’s a huge temptation in the blogging world to pull back and let the last couple months of the year pass in a blur of activity. Does it really matter if you let your blogging duties slide?

Does it really matter if you let your blogging duties slide when you get busy? 5 easy tips to keep you on track. Click To Tweet

It’s tempting. I’ve had years where I didn’t do much during the holiday season on my blogs. And other years where I’ve put in the effort. It’s definitely the best time of year for many blogs and niches to capitalize on the fact that everyone is online and shopping.

If you push through the chaos, you can get a boost in traffic that will carry over into the new year. Connect with new subscribers. Make sales in volumes you’d have a hard time achieving at any other time of year.

This kind of pressure isn’t exclusive to the holidays. It can happen at any time of year when life gets hectic. But how’s a busy blogger supposed to hold it all together when the demands are that much greater?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time during this busy holiday season or any time that you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to-do list. Try them and come out the other side with a stronger, thriving blog.

Put together a plan when you’re busy

Get ahead of the chaos right now. Sit down and brainstorm what you want to accomplish and during the busy season. Make sure that everything you put on the list is important and that it helps you meet a goal.

Then map out a reasonable schedule with deadlines to help you achieve that plan. Having a good planner can help you!

Keep things simpler and shorter To Save Time

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. I’d rather write shorter emails and blog posts and get them done than to end up not finishing them.

This is not the season to incorporate extra fluff. Go with minimum viable—the bare-bones essentials of what you need to get the job done.

Busy Bloggers Work in sprints

We all have a million things tugging at our schedules and minds this time of year. I’m with ya! So learn to sneak in bits of work whenever you can.

Are you ready to leave, but your husband or kids are still getting dressed. Sneak into your office and grab 10 minutes of work while they’re finishing up.

Kids a little late getting out of ball practice? Pull out your phone and dictate some notes about your next blog article. (Using dictation to craft posts is a great time saver if you can get the hang of it.)

Standing in a long line at the grocery store? Pull up your email app and clear out your inbox.

Find small windows of opportunity in your day and sneak in 10 minutes of work here and there. The minutes add up fast! Click To Tweet

Find those tiny work opportunities and take advantage. They add up and you’ll find that you’re accomplishing even more than you were when you set aside big chunks of time to work.

Repurpose Your Old Content

Don’t be afraid to pull out some emails from last year and expand them into blog posts. Or update and condense an older blog post to use as an email for your subscriber list.

Revisit your old blog content and see if you can quickly and easily channel them into another format—like turn blog posts into live videos, or create a quick opt-in from some old emails. Make all your content serve two or three purposes and you’ll find that you’re more productive.

Stay super focused During The Rush

I don’t know about you but when I sit down to work, I’m like a squirrel surrounded by shiny objects. Every ding of my email and blinking notification grabs my eye and tries to pull me off track.

I’m learning to be a tyrant about focusing on one thing at a time. When I narrow in and turn off as many distractions as possible, I get stuff done SO FAST. Duh! (The only distraction I can’t turn off is this one. #furbaby)

Black dog looking into camera

Ain’t he precious? He’s my 150 pound lap dog. 🙂 He comes in my office and does this deep growly grumble talk when he wants my attention—usually food related.

Or he lays directly behind my desk chair so I’m penned in and can’t move. I guess that’s good for productivity. LOL. Do you have a pet that helps you with your blog? Send pics!

The ultimate blogging productivity tip

My absolute best tip for keeping up with your blog and maintaining your blogging income is to focus on passive income strategies year round. Set up passive income streams on your site that sell simple digital products automatically with various automated systems.

Once you set them up, they run on autopilot and require little effort from you to maintain the income they produce. If you want to know more about my favorite passive income system, check out this page.

Well, folks, I am off to work on MY holiday blogging plan. [wink-wink!] Happy blogging!

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