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15 Easy Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers

15 easy ways to get more Pinterest followers

If you’re using social media to market your online business, then you’re always looking for tips on how to get more Pinterest followers and increase your audience, right? That’s the nature of the biz for online entrepreneurs.

You can have the most fabulous website and the most amazing offers, but if no one knows you exist, you will fail. So getting the word out about your online offers is crucial.

Using social media platforms is one effective way that bizpreneurs can do some effective (and inexpensive) marketing.

Pinterest happens to be one of my favorite social media platforms for several reasons.

  • First of all, I love Pinterest because—pretty pictures. ‘Nuf said!
  • Second, unlike other social media platforms I almost never see any political posts on Pinterest. Can you feel me?
  • Third, it’s the most effective social media platform for online business.

The proof is in the research

Okay, some of you will argue with my opionions about Pinterest, but check out this article from Hootsuite outlining the results of several social media studies that have been conducted recently. The results are really interesting!

If you don’t have time to read it, here are a few highlights:

***There are over 250 million people using Pinterest every month. That makes Pinterest the fourth largest social media platform, beating out WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even Twitter in the rankings.

***I frequently see people stating they will be leaving other social media platforms for a while to “detox” from the rantings, criticism, negativity, and just plain meanness that takes place online. In fact in 2018, more than 42% of Americans took time off of Facebook for that exact reason. I’ve never heard anyone state they have to get away from Pinterest to preserve their mental health.

***Over 39% of households using Pinterest have an income of $75,000 or more, and people with a college education are twice as likely to use Pinterest according to a Pew Research Study.

***The studies also showed that 98% of people go out and try the ideas they find on Pinterest.

***While 55% of Pinterest users are looking specifically for products, 90% of weekly users on Pinterest make a purchase.

So, let me break that down for you. Pinterest users are educated, have money to spend, are looking for ideas, and they buy based on what they find on Pinterest. Still wonder why you should be using the platform for your business and working on growing your following there?

So how do I get more Pinterest followers?

I think I’ve made a pretty strong case for Pinterest, and now you’re wondering, how do I get established and get more followers on Pinterest?

First you need to understand how people find content on Pinterest.

Traffic on Pinterest is driven by search results. When people go to Pinterest, they search for topics and information through Pinterest’s powerful search engine. That’s right. Pinterest is less of a social media platform, and more aptly described as a visual search engine.

At the top of every page on Pinterest is a “search” field, just begging you to type in the words or phrases that describe what you’re looking for. Once you’ve typed in your phrase and gotten your results, you can sort the results by “Pins, Products, People, or Boards” as shown here.

Pinterest Search Features that will help you get more Pinterest followers when you know how to use them for online business.

So what that means is, once you’ve put in your search phrase, you can look at pins people have posted on your chosen topic.

Or pull up product results and shop right on Pinterest.

Then maybe look at the profiles of people who post on this topic a lot.

And finally, surf through boards dedicated to this subject.

Lots of search options!!! And that leads me to my first suggestion on how to get more followers on Pinterest.

Add keywords to your pins, boards, and account

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you’ll find it invaluable to spend a few afternoons optimizing your Pinterest account with keywords and long-tailed keyword phrases that will help your ideal audience find you. Once your account and pins are SEO friendly, people will begin finding you in their search results! Here’s an article to teach you how to SEO your Pinterest profile:

10 Easy Pinterest SEO Tips To Increase Your Traffic

Posting regularly on Pinterest will attract more Pinterest followers

Pinterest loves an active account. By getting on every day and sharing some pins and adding content to your boards, you’ll earn the love of the Pinterest gods and they’ll start recommending your content to others.

And BTW, if you don’t have time to get on Pinterest in person every day, you can always schedule your pins through a Pinterest scheduling service like Tailwind or Traffic Wonker. You can give these services a test drive with a free trial through the links I’ve provided!

Ready to try Tailwind? Get your free trial and discount here!

Post quality links that are on topic with your account

With Pinterest it’s important to curate pins and boards that relate to your chosen topics of interest. Pinterest studies everything you post and tries to develop a feel for what your content is about and who will be interested in it. Give Pinterest’s algorithms a clear picture by staying on topic.

If you post about rare butterflies, dirt bike racing, and emo hairstyles on the same profile, Pinterest is going to have a hard time figuring out exactly who your audience is.

And make sure your re-pins are great quality pins. Don’t forget to visit the pins that you re-post to ensure that they are legit websites with valuable content on the the other end. Spam pins hurt you in the algorithms, so avoid those whenever possible.

Follow people and boards that focus on your keywords

Birds of a feather flock together and all that jazz. First of all, this helps Pinterest understand the topics and keywords that interest you.

More importantly, if you follow people and boards that share your interests and use your same keywords, those people will get a notification that you’ve followed them. Since you share interests, they are very likely to follow you back so they can benefit from your content. Voila! More followers!

Post an invite in your blog articles

Don’t be afraid to invite people who read your blogs to follow your Pinterest profile or individual boards. When I write blog posts that relate to specific Pinterest boards I’ve curated, I make an effort to include links to my Pinterest boards in the blog.

“I’ve collected all kinds of great links and information on XYZ topic here on my XYZ topic Pinterest board. You can follow that board by clicking here.”

Give them and link and make it super easy for them to follow you!

You can also create a “Follow Me” image for your blog that invites people to visit your Pinterest profile. To create the one you see below, I simply did a screen capture then added a few graphics to create my “Follow Me” image. Link the image back to your profile so all they have to do is click.

By the way, if you aren’t following me on Pinterest, just click the image below and connect with me!

Screen shot of Heart My Life's Pinterest Profile with text overlay reading Click Here to Follow Me On Pinterest

Put an invite in your blog sidebar

You can use a similar image in the sidebar of your blog articles or pages to invite people to join you on Pinterest. While sidebar graphics and images are a little less effective now than they were years ago, they will still gain you a percentage of clicks, especially if your content really resonates with your readers.

The Pinterest developers have created some apps and widgets to help you add Pinterest branded graphics to your site. Check them out here.

Use a invite app or plugin

If you’re using WordPress for your blog, you have access to a variety of apps and plugins that can help you spread the word about your social media accounts. If you just want some cute buttons or icons in your sidebar or header navigation that link to your social media accounts, you can find dozens of free plugins for that.

Many bloggers report incredible success at gaining social media followers by using MiloTree, a paid app that creates a small “slide-out” window at the side of your blog article, inviting the reader to follow you on social media as they’re reading your blog. This subtle invite is a great prompt to get people who like your articles and topics to follow you on Pinterest. It works best if you already have traffic to your site.

Use ConvertPlus

Another option for creating pop-up or slide-in Pinterest invite is a software plugin like ConvertPlus.

I love this software and use it to invite my visitors to take advantage of various opt-ins and offers related to the pages they visit. You can create multiple offers set to specific pages and customize the pop-up or slide-in to match your branding. This makes ConvertPlus an incredibly versatile piece of software and a great investment in your business!

In addition to promoting your opt-ins and free content, you can use ConvertPlus to create a Pinterest follow-me pop-up or slide-in to help you channel visitors to your Pinterest profile.

Add a link in your email newsletter

Don’t forget about the people who have already expressed an interest in your topics and materials by signing up for your email list. Maybe once every six to eight weeks, add a quick note about some topic of interest on Pinterest, and invite them to follow your profile with a link, of course!

Add an invite to your autoresponder emails

What about all those new people who signed up for your mailing list? They should get an invite right away. I typically try to include a link to my social media hangouts in the second email of my autoresponder series and invite my new subscriber to follow me.

Share your Pinterest link on other social media accounts

Don’t be afraid to occasionally post a link to your Pinterest account on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. People hang out in different social media platforms for different reasons. They may love your Facebook lives or your Instagram stories, but they may want to see your pins in their Pinterest feed too! It doesn’t hurt to share a link and ask if they’re interested.

Join Pinterest group boards

Another great way to pick up more followers is to join some group boards. Group boards are boards with multiple contributors, usually focused around a shared topic of interest. I belong to group boards that focus on Pinterest marketing, working from home, making money online, blogging and other related topics.

When you join a group board, your pins to that board will flow through the feeds of all the followers of that board. That means if you join and participate in a group board that has 4,000 followers, then you have a chance to get your pins seen by 4,000 new people. Some of those people may like your content and will follow you.

I’ve written this article about how to join Pinterest group boards if this is something you haven’t tried before.

Grab My Spreadsheet With 100+ Pinterest Group Boards

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind—a Pinterest scheduling app—provides a way for bloggers with similar interest to work together and do some cross marketing. As a Tailwind user, you can request to join “Tribes” which focus on your blog’s topics and upload pins to your Tribe’s queue. All Tribe members are encouraged to visit the queue and schedule pins that their audience might be interested in.

In short, Tribe members help one another market their pins. This is another way to get your pins and information in front of Pinterest users who may not have had contact with you or your profile yet. If they like you, you may pick up some new followers. Tribe members may follow you too if you consistently post great pins on topics that interest them.

You are allowed to join up to five Tribes during a FREE Tailwind trial which you can access here.

Use the Pinterest Pincode widget

If your business includes both in-person contact with your audience as well as an online presence (think craft shows or public speaking), you can invite your physical audience to follow you on Pinterest with a pincode they can scan with their phones.

The pincode is great for printable materials, or to add to a sign on your display table. Pincodes are bright and fun, and make it super easy for people to pull up your account or specific information on your account. For more information on pincodes, see this article on Pinterest’s blog.

Participate in Follow threads to get more Pinterest followers

One final easy way to pick up a few followers each week is to participate in “follow threads.” Many Facebook groups for bloggers coordinate a thread that invites you to share your social media links so others in the group can follow you. In return you are asked to follow a specific number of others who have shared their links.

Follow threads are a great way to get some followers in the beginning. While I used to participate in follow threads, after I reached about 300 followers on Pinterest, I stopped because I found that the followers I was picking up weren’t targeted followers. They were polite bloggers doing their part in the exercise. I wanted raving fans who were super interested in the topics I was pinning about.

If you use this method to build your Pinterest following, try to find the most targeted Facebook groups possible, the ones that focus on the same topics and keywords that you do. You’ll find those followers give you the best boost in the Pinterest algorithms.

So there you have 15 different ways to get more Pinterest followers organically and build an audience of engaged and interested followers who will LOVE your content and help you grow your business with their re-pins and clicks!

If you only have a few Pinterest followers right now, don’t despair. With some steady work and commitment to getting your pins seen by more people each week, your following will grow and build quickly!

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15 easy ways to get more Pinterest followers
15 easy ways to get more Pinterest followers and grow your audience.

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