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12 Affiliate Programs For Beginners

12 affiliate programs for newbies and nonbloggers

If you’re here reading this article, I’m guessing you started a blog (or are strongly considering it) and you want to monetize it and turn it into a cash-producing machine. Or maybe you’re just looking into affiliate marketing, hoping to start yourself a side hustle. Since you don’t have a reputation or experience to promote, you need to find affiliate programs for beginners, new bloggers—or even non bloggers if you don’t play to start a blog but want to try affiliate marketing anyway.

However, the prospect of affiliate marketing is kinda foreign to you and you’re not sure where to start. Have no fear! I got your back. Having walked down that road, I know how intimidating it can be to venture into these unknown realms.

If you’ve looked into some affiliate programs you may have realized, many affiliate programs want you to purchase their product before you can become an affiliate, but new bloggers don’t usually have a lot of extra money to spare. Then there’s the affiliate programs that require you to have stats of 50K visitors a month or more before they’ll let you into their program. Traffic is another thing new bloggers and affiliate marketers are working on building, so you may be automatically disqualified from some opportunities.

But don’t throw your hands up in despair! There are plenty of companies that are happy to work with newbs. I’m gonna share 12 of my fav affiliate programs for beginners with you, and once you get started, you’ll find more. Begin with a few good programs that you know will appeal to your audience, then add more as you come across products and services you enjoy using and can heartily endorse.

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Okay, are you ready to get started with some awesome affiliate programs? If you’re brand new to blogging, you may not have enough street cred yet to get accepted into some of the larger programs. When you apply, the companies will usually look you up to see if you’re legit and if you’re established enough to make them want to partner with you. If you’re blog is brand new, then you don’t have much on your “resume” yet. Here’s how you get around that.

There are plenty of affiliate programs that give you an affiliate link the minute you sign up for an account. That makes them the perfect affiliate programs for beginners. Ready? As you read click on the links and sign up. You’ll have a dozen affiliate programs to promote before you finish reading this blog!

The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners And New Bloggers

#1 Ibotta

If you haven’t signed up to use Ibotta, you want to do it right away! This cash back program offers rebates on all kinds of purchases including groceries, department stores, and some of your favorite major brands. Plus they will give you $10 for signing up and trying out their program.

Since signing up a few months back, I have saved nearly $10 a week simply buying items I intended to buy anyway and taking advantage of the cash back rebates. I love seeing my cash-back balance rise, then transferring money to my Paypal account and enjoying the extra spending money. Combine Ibotta with in-store sales and coupons and your grocery bill will be slashed!

Plus when you sign up for Ibotta, you’re automatically given a referral link and can earn $10 for every person who signs up through your link. So you get to earn a signing bonus, cash back and referral money—triple win!

#2 Ebates/Rakuten

This is another “save and earn” app that you’ll want to take advantage of. Did I mention you get a $10 “signing bonus” for joining and using the app?

Ebates partners with stores like Amazon, JCPenney, Dick’s, Office Depot, Sephora, Best Buy, Macy’s, Verizon, and hundreds more stores you shop at every month! These stores pay Ebates a commission on your purchases as their way of saying thanks for the referral. Ebates passes that on to you as cash back savings!

If you shop online for birthdays, Christmas, housewares, or any other reason, check Ebates first and see if the store you want to buy from is part of their cash back network. It pays off big!

Like Ibotta, with Ebates you will get a referral link and be able to share savings with your friends by inviting them to sign up. You get paid $25 for every new person you bring into the network.

#3 Swagbucks

If you don’t know about the Swagbucks program, you need to sign up right away! Swagbucks is another shopping app, but they also offer a search engine that I use every day to do research for my blogs and my life. Each time you search, you are eligible to earn Swagbucks.

You literally get paid to search, which is something you do anyway, so why not make some money doing it? You can also earn Swagbucks for doing surveys, watching videos, shopping with their links, or performing various tasks online. (Personally, I don’t do much of that. I just use it to search.)

When you’ve accumulated 300 or more Swagbucks, you can redeem your credits for gift cards from a variety of popular restaurants and stores. I use mine to get Amazon gift cards, because there’s always something I can’t live without on Amazon. I typically earn $5 – 10 a month from doing searches I would have done anyway. It’s the easiest way in the world to earn money so I love telling people about it!

You can tell your friends about it and earn for sharing your affiliate link. Each time they earn Swagbucks, you earn a percentage of their points too. The more people you sign up, the faster the points accumulate.

#4 Shopkick

Shopkick is another shopping style app, but this one has a little different twist than the others listed above. This app offers you “Kicks” for walking into participating stores, scanning suggested items in the app, watching short videos, and purchasing items from the list. My son calls it “Pokeman Go for moms” because I’m walking around the store scanning items to get kicks and making my phone bling each time I get more points. It’s gamified shopping, people! LOL.

Anyway…in addition to being fun, you can earn points for each task you complete. Once you’ve accumulated 500 points (easily done in one shopping trip if you’re savvy) you can cash that in for gift cards from your favorite stores or restaurants. And when you refer friends with your referral link, you get more points that you can turn into gift cards. Check out the app here.

#5 Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that absolutely rocks! Tailwind gives an amazing boost to your Pinterest marketing efforts, and if you’re looking for an affiliate opportunity, Tailwind pays a generous commission.

In order to become an affiliate, you need to sign up for an account, but don’t worry, Tailwind offers a free trial.

Once you start the free trial, you can grab your affiliate link and start promoting immediately. Promoting Tailwind with your referral link inside the app will earn you credits toward your subscription to Tailwind. Get your social media scheduling tool paid for this way!

FYI, you can also sign up to be a Tailwind affiliate through Share-a-sale and earn cash for referrals. Share-a-sale is an affiliate network that is host to thousands of affiliate programs that are very friendly to new bloggers! If you have your blog up and running, I recommend you go over there right away and sign up. You’ll love exploring all the affiliate programs and signing up for the ones that will thrill your audience and fill your wallet at the same time.

It’s one of my favorite affiliate programs for beginners and new bloggers because not only do you get to join the affiliate program, but you also get access to their scheduling tool for free. When you see how convenient this service is, you’ll probably want to sign up! I love it!

As a new blogger, you will get more mileage from Pinterest than any of the other social media platforms. If you aren’t using Tailwind and promoting your blog on Pinterest, I highly recommend it. I share more about Tailwind’s genius features in this article.

#6 Ultimate Bundles

Have you heard of Ultimate Bundles? This group puts together amazing bundles of products and resources and sells them at huge discounts. We’re talking $2000.00 worth of stuff for $49.99 in some of the packages! People love the deep savings! Their bundles are always themed around a specific topic, like meal planning, essential oils, organization, crafting, or working from home, and you can almost always find something your audience will relate to.

The Ultimate Bundles team helps to make your job easier by creating landing pages, swipe copy, and a marketing timeline you can follow. Often they precede a bundle with a giveaway or challenge of some sort that primes the audience for the bundle (and cookies them to you.) They make it easy to sell their products by offering great value for free before asking for the sale. And the energy of working with this group is amazing. Sign up right now and check them out!

#7 Amazon Associates

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world, and they welcome affiliates. You can find products and resources that will benefit your audience and your niche, and when you recommend them and use your affiliate links, you make a commission on those products.

One awesome benefit of being an Amazon Associate is that when a person clicks to Amazon to check out one of the products you recommend, they are cookied to you for 24 hours. Any purchases they make during that period, you receive a commission on. That’s right! Not only would you get a commission on the product you shared, but on anything they buy that day.

Another benefit of being an Amazon Associate is that affiliates can refer people to Amazon Bounty programs like Kindle Unlimited, Audible, and Prime, or baby and wedding registries. If you make recommendations about music, books, or video, these are programs that you can refer and earn commissions from.

Just be sure to read the terms of service. Amazon has some rules that you need to follow in order to comply with their affiliate guidelines.

#8 How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

Elise McDowell is a genius! How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours (Now called Paid by Pinterest) is one of my favorite affiliate programs for beginners because I made $90.00 the first week I started using her strategies and promoting her book as an affiliate. You have to sign up for the course to become an affiliate, but as you can see, I earned back more than double the cost my very first week using the methods outlined in the ebook. To me, that’s a proven program!

You don’t even need a blog to use her strategies. I started earning before my blog was up and running, so anyone can do this. I’ve written an article on “How I Made $90.00 My First Week Affiliate Marketing” (and continue to bring in steady sales) if you want to check that out next.

#9 Your Web Host

If you’ve already started your blog, that means that you’ve signed up with a web host. I can almost guarantee that your hosting service has an affiliate program. Hopefully you’re happy with the service you’re getting and feel comfortable recommending them to your audience or promoting them on social media.

If you haven’t set up your blog yet, I offer a tutorial with videos and lots of critical tips in this article. Read “How To Start a Blog 101.”

I can highly recommend HostGator if you’re still looking for hosting. They have excellent customer service, and incredibly easy system to use, and very affordable pricing. Oh, and they have an affiliate program too! 🙂

#10 Mailerlite

As a new blogger, you’re going to want to set up a mailing list as soon as possible. Here’s a fabulous tip: If you use Mailerlite’s email service, you can get the service free until your mailing list reaches 1,000 subscribers. That gives you time to build your list and get some income flowing before you have to pay a fee. Nice!

After that, the costs are super reasonable—some of the lowest in the industry. Plus, Mailerlite is one of the easier mailing list services to navigate. Trust me, I’ve tried quite a few of them on the market and this is the one I recommend. I use them for several of my online businesses and enjoy the service a lot.

When you sign up, you get a referral link right away that you can promote. Just click on the heart in the top right area of your navigation.

Try Mailerlite.

#11 Traffic Wonker

If you want to build an online income through affiliate marketing or blogging but you’re short on marketing time, Traffic Wonker is the tool you want to try out. This fairly new Pinterest scheduler runs on A. I. technology that monitors Pinterest searches and interests and builds your queue based on what people are looking for at the time.

The best part of Traffic Wonker is that it takes only about 5 minutes a week to add your pins and curate your pin library. The A.I. does the rest of the work.

Sign up for Traffic Wonker’s free trial and get an affiliate link you can promote. Double bonus! An amazing marketing service plus a way to earn.

#12 Groupon

And finally, I’ll offer you one last affiliate program for beginners. I love these shopping type apps as affiliate programs because everyone shops, right? And everyone loves to save money. That makes these apps easy to recommend and promote. Groupon is another of those shopping apps, only Groupon also offers deals on travel, tickets, and spas in addition to having great prices on all kinds of merch.

Scanning through the app today I found a half dozen items that would make great Christmas presents—and at a big discount. Snapping that up.

Best news yet, you get $10 every time you refer someone. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and create your Groupon account. Your affiliate income is just waiting to be earned.

Don’t forget you can grab my free ebook, 25+ Ways To Market Your Affiliate Links for more tips and info on affiliate marketing!
InterCheck out this list of affiliate marketing programs for newbies and non-bloggers. Earn a passive income from affiliate marketing through pinning. Make your Pinterest habit work for you!
You can earn passive income through affiliate marketing. Make your Pinterest habit work for you and earn while you pin. Here are 12 affiliate programs that work with newbies and non-bloggers.

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You can earn passive income through affiliate marketing. Make your Pinterest habit work for you and earn while you pin. Here are 12 affiliate programs that work with newbies and non-bloggers.
Check out this list of affiliate marketing programs for newbies and non-bloggers. Learn to make a passive income from affiliate marketing.

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