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10 Popular Stores and Brands With Affiliate Programs

10 popular stores and brands with affiliate programs

Are you a blogger looking for new or different affiliate marketing programs to help boost your affiliate marketing income? The easiest products and services to recommend are the ones that your readers already know and trust, which is why today’s blog is about 10 popular stores with affiliate programs that you can join and benefit from.

By partnering with popular stores and brands, most of the work that goes into affiliate marketing has already been done for you. Your reader already knows about this company and its reputation. Likely, they have shopped there and will shop there again, or maybe they even have a credit card or online account set up with these merchants.

Making them aware of awesome products or amazing specials that they can pick up from these familiar companies is much easier than starting from scratch and introducing them to companies and products they know nothing about.

You can reduce the effort you put in and increase your rewards by partnering with these 10 popular stores and brands with affiliate marketing programs.




Old Navy

Thrive (online whole foods)

Joann’s Fabrics & Crafts



Audible Affiliates


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